December 17th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I so do not speak Girl.

I don't know WHAT I speak, but it isn't Girl.

Fuck I want my best friend. =/.

And I'll see her tomorrow. Even though I'll be exhausted.

- Drive Dana to T-station at 5 a.m.
- Either go back to sleep immediately or:
- Shower, dry hair, straighten, get ready.
- Drive to Smith.
- Go on the town.
- Nap before going out as Snoopy hangs with her friends.
- Out to Diva's for drag.
- Back to hers to sleep.
- Drive back home at a reasonable time to drop Snoopy off.
- Possibly go to the Aggie to meet up with Brittles and Company, possibly with Dana but now probably not.
- Hang out afterward, Walpole mall or something? Don't know, it's fine.
- Take Jason to his HIV appointment at 9.30.
- Meet up with crew at some point for an Emerald Square Mall trip.

That's as far as I'm going because I don't want to contemplate Saturday yet.

Augh, sleep. Da's birthday was good though.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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It's 6.30 and I'm awake.

I've dropped off Dana through bad weather and some black ice after clearing off the car with no gloves and not being able to feel my fingers...

I took a shower. Blow-dryed my hair. Straightened my hair, fiasco, need to learn how to do it properly with my mop of a head.

I'm going to make sure all my stuff is as ready to go as possible. Pack a night bag, write down directions, etc.

Then I think I'm going to sleep, so that'll be at like 7. Not sure when 'til. I have to check my tires and get Petrol, but that's really all that's between me and the Snoopster. Leaving at 10 would mean getting there at noon, but that's still almost in sleep-zone.

So maybe leave at noon and get there for two or something. Dunno. I'll text her later, when more than just my English and high-school friends are awake, haha.

My life feels strange.