December 15th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So I'm home! I've been in the country since like half seven, but shhhh.

The airport was strange. They directed me to the wrong place and then two people helped me get where I was supposed to be and one was a really nice lady. So I bought a sandwich and some stuff and snacked and chatted and got on the slept. Listened to music and slept and daydreamed, and ate some, really.

Nice to be picked up by the parentals. Nice to see Mugs back home. Nice to see the Dweeb.

Took a long bath. Candles, music, books, was like a sweatlodge and I loved it and read an entire book out loud.

So two things down for my "Relaxation To Do List," bath and reading a full book. Hopefully both will continue.

I've been up watching Grey's Anatomy and painting my nails and being home. Talking with Jean. Stuff, y'know. Apparently there's an Aggie visit going down Thursday with Brittles, Cider and Icca and they want me in on that so I'm considering it. Especially since McSpleeny isn't back until late and now the day they planned isn't happen so she's shooting for a day after January 5th, and that's not much time before I leave.

Excited to pick Snoopy up on the 17th, and for Da's birthday on the 15th, and for tomorrow to be get-used-to-being-home day. Although I think I got pretty used to it pretty quickly. Smiles, lucky me for adapting so quickly to stuff! Grins.

It's time to start my go-through-the-year-on-lj-for-New-Years thing. So that should be interesting. Not shockingly, I'm gonna start with January.

Anyway! That's how I am!

P.S. The Buddha candle was by the tub and I read by it and I loved it.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 03:50 I saw the Grey's Anatomy episode with Clea Duvall. And it has my favourite intro with Callie and Erica friends. Winnn. One scene love.
  • 04:02 I don't think I'm jetlagged if it's 4 a.m. HERE and I'm still awake. Asleep in an hour, Kiwi. But the bath? The bath was pure, 100% win.<3.
  • 04:13 Please, please shoot me for actually wanting to write a GA fic. And for having ideas. And for falling for a character who gets booted. Bad!
  • 05:54 I fail at bedtimes. It's 5.53 a.m. and I'm awake. Sleep soon, defs. Jetlag does not exist, because this is like an all-nighter. Haha.
  • 06:01 Clea Duvall is hot even as a mournful wife.
  • 06:31 We're pretending I've been asleep all this time, starting now. Brooke Smith is super cute. And now sweet dreams, definitely.
  • 12:45 My fingernails are painted watermellon from last night. Pink background, green fake-frenching, black seeds. It makes me giggle.
  • 12:52 Oh shoot me please. I have a new fandom ship. I ship Gelphie. Please, get me a life. This almost requires me to read Wicked again.
  • 15:49 Dweeb erased the picture from Cavcreature on the whiteboard before I ever took a picture, but it's been years, and it was time to go.
  • 15:50 Amanda geeks out to GA with me! It's love! Also, I'm going to get a new obsession with Missy Higgins.
  • 15:51 Getting my hair straightened by Jason, too! I love having my Queer Bubble back! So much! It's the best Solstice wish!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!