December 12th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Leaving uni for winter hols is sad/scary.

My room is all un-colorful and un-Kiwi, because of course it isn't really my room. Only temporarily. I'm another passing soul.

I'm afraid to unhook my laptop, but of course I will.

Bye room 619. I'll be back for more fun later.

I love you.

I'm going home. The work is done, it just needs to be passed in, and I'm actually going back to the place my roots first landed.

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:58 Quote: "Just remember, sex, and Mufasa, but not sex WITH Mufasa, are always the answers."
  • 17:59 I got a visit from friends downstairs! And silly corridor time! And enjoyment of evening even while missing movie! Rocking.
  • 18:11 I agree with Grey's Cristina's life idea. "Shut up! And dance it out!" "Dancing makes you brave!"
  • 18:35 Finished one of my book sources with 3 pages of notes. Matt gave me diet lemonade! And I'm loving this. Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Movie! Queen! Win!
  • 19:07 They took Harry's chair in for watching Monster House. It's pathetic how much I miss that chair. I want a butterfly chair! Smiles.
  • 21:05 Done with the second big source. Will skim other two books but don't think I'll find much in addition. Journals and 'net and organise!
  • 21:10 Lora told John that I don't sleep. It has been decided I am nocturnal and a vampire. I giggle, I giggle.
  • 21:36 Yasmin came in carried by two boys and I helped her into bed. Hope Mary will be in better condition when she's back, if she comes back.
  • 22:03 @moebiuscascade You're up right now? Holy crow did not know that. Good luck with the packing! I'll be dying of that disease tomorrow.
  • 22:05 I'm now worried Mary actually isn't coming home. So much for her pack all night plan. Nervous stomach, doubly go away.
  • 22:13 Through all my books now. Journal and Internet sources. I can do thissss. I so hope Mary is doing alright! And Lora sleeping well! Everyone!
  • 23:04 @moebiuscascade Reading the QC archive is a very worthwhile thing to do! Writing paper...this is not. Sadness on room looking empty!
  • 23:05 Mary is apparently crashed in someone's room downstairs and not coming back. Knew her plan probs wouldn't work. Ah well.
  • 00:22 That was a very strong cup of tea that I drank down. Almost done with preparation, I think, and then time to bullet through writing.
  • 00:38 Done collecting information. Time to outline.
  • 00:55 Outline done. Now time for the easy hard, hard easy part. Time to write the paper. Let's get through this, Kidoll, then we're free.
  • 02:02 500 / 1500-2000. 7:02. Thinking I can do this.
  • 02:44 1000 / 1500 - 2000. Close close. 2 paragraphs left, if I don't hit it I have stuff to add.
  • 05:36 I will honestly be disappointed in "The System" if I get a good grade on this assessment.
  • 06:40 My vans and chucks are going out. Shoes that are barely shoes don't work. Frown. This packing is doomed.
  • 08:27 Packing was a success when I got rid of old clothes. It worked! Leaving university for break is really depressing and Sarah was crying. </3
  • 11:53 I adore that Jo has dogs. And that they love me. Doggies make me happy and huggy. And a BED. And TIME and ENGLAND. Yay. Chocolate!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!