December 10th, 2008

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Alright so I'm about to go to bed. I got a lot done on my presentation preparation and I don't think I'll have much to do tomorrow but go into a few things a bit more in depth so I understand them and then start practicing, and making sure everyone else has his crap together.

This is going to be one of those entries I slightly regret because I want to be selfless, but it's winter holiday time and I never seem fully able to do that.

I need new shoes. It's at the point of "need" now. I have one pair of chucks here with a ripped hole from the balls of my feet to the heel, a pair of Vans I've had since I was 14 with holes everywhere, and boots that are fine accessory gift-from-my-Grammie boots but don't get me far.

I really do want a pair of Doc Martens. I feel selfish for wanting such expensive boots even given my other shoes have worn out. Before I wanted the kick-arse 14-hole tie-up boots.

Now I'm thinking 8-12 hole ones with a cool design or color that will definitely lace up because they're not so tall. I can also wear them more places and they'd have more use. Lighter, better on my hip. They're generally not much more expensive than the regulars.

I've also been thinking about a camera. I'm still not sure I'm ready to own one. I've had them before, and look what's happened - I probably have had five great cameras through my life, and they've all appeared to spontaneously died at different times. I'm not going to blame myself for the ones when I was much younger. But the recent ones?

Cameras are responsibilities. I haven't been good with them thus far. But I also realize I am actually missing out with this - people around me want pictures that I am not easily able to supply. Pictures of me are dispersed through long periods of time. I know I'll look back on university and think, "I wish I had more pictures," as I do from the times when I feared pictures and would remove myself from the vicinity of photographing items. I see everyone else have loads of pictures.

I will be thinking about that one a lot. I want to supply people and my future self with pictures. But cameras are expensive, even the cheap ones, and if I were to go for that for winter hols (not just from my parents, but just as a general it's-gift-time-so-here-goes-some-of-my-money, especially if I bought used from a friend or something) I want to make sure I'm ready to own one. I don't want another dead camera adding to a pile through my history.

It seems slightly silly to me to think about this so much. But times are rough and I know I really don't NEED stuff (well, I know I need shoes, but obviously needing shoes =/= needing Docs) so I'm thinking about what tops as far as serving me and those around me. I need to be able to walk and have protected feet. I don't need pictures, but people around me really want to see them and I will in the future.

Wondering if I can make adult Kiwi proud with a camera.

Freshman Kiwi made me proud, even though it did eventually break. I loved the pictures I took during the time. I really have a time period documented. And now most of the pictures are stuck on my virus-infected desktop, but I was reacquainted with them and I remember them. Sophomore Kiwi made me proud with pictures.

Hmm hmm hmm. I'm ridiculous. Anyway, it's sleep time.

[[Finally got to see Dr. Erica Hahn introduced to the reoccurring characters on Grey's! Win ep. 0405!]]
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:42 @moebiuscascade Haha, go into it sort of as you would Twilight--as an amusement merely. Perhaps you'll like it, perhaps not, always a laugh.
  • 18:42 Trying to write up a presentation while worrying about the rest of the group and understanding my topic sucks.
  • 21:51 I don't know why I'm in such a good mood. Sleep.
  • 09:17 @daheefanel Good luck!!! Exams. They are death.
  • 09:18 DK (Dear Kiwi): Skipping lunch = bad idea. Remember that equation. Now you're hungry. Eat apple, work, yes. LK (Love Kiwi)
  • 10:25 It's sort of pathetic how much Starbursts improve life. Grins. Also, currently not a fan of thorns and plant armature. Away, Rosethorn!
  • 10:41 Love I didn't like Girlyman's "Storms Were Mine" the first time I heard it life, but knowing my best friend loves it has made me love it too
  • 11:10 My group members can barely get me the SOURCES they used. Gods, headache. Ah well. We'll pull through.
  • 11:11 At some point I'm going to make two winter hols to do lists. School-oriented and RELAXATION. Number one of latter: take a long BATH<3.
  • 11:59 Ahgods. Washing hands in this place is so difficult! Too hot or too cold. Egh.
  • 13:41 Waking up from my very short nap was not at all pleasant. Nor was dinner. Batgirl at Pirate's. Presentation tomorrow. Breath.
  • 15:16 @moebiuscascade I is not understanding?
  • 15:17 That was some of my strangest procrastination. I went through all of my hymn book and sang the songs I love. Now breathing and work.
  • 15:58 @moebiuscascade Yay contentment! I will be content come Sunday.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!