December 9th, 2008

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A Monday

I revised a lot last night.
I got 5 hours of sleep, I think.
I survived breakfast and lecture time.
Cute teaching assistant saw me panic.
I couldn't answer the questions I knew I wouldn't be able to answer on calculating pH, Ka, pKa, and dilutions/concentrations even though they're not that difficult I just didn't understand them for when I went. Only 4 questions involving them. Answered the other 26, we'll see how I do.
Jo gave me chocolate and I went with her to hand stuff in.
I ate lunch.
I watched Grey's Anatomy.
I took a beautiful nap.
I had a conversation with Sarah that was heart-warming and deep and I cried and she comforted me. Realized I needed to talk with Kate to make sure she knew of course I like her and I don't mean to be short. Need to talk with others to apologize for being short/snappy out of stress.
Spoke with Kate and all was good.
Had a fun dinner with cream and lots of sugar.
Took a shower.
Sang and was alright.
Got my hair straightened by Lora and Sarah, who enjoyed it. Adore my hair straight. They were in awe over apparently how epic my hair is - length and in general. It got really soft and nice even after they complained about how thick it was.
I was really proud of my hair. I am surprised at its length. I love having straight hair, it reminds me of who I was and the adult I expected to be.
I didn't go out with them.
I panicked some.
I got my Brassicas page mostly done.
I freaked out and finally emailed a professor, rather than my personal tutor (too personal and official and scary), about how to go about finding a good anxiety counselor.
I listened to Sarah ranting about having to take care of drunken Matt tonight. Apparently Pirate punched him for being stupid.
I helped Batgirl and Pirate figure out a talking problem.
I figured out what to talk about with my slides for the presentation Thursday, or at least have them put together to meet with my group tomorrow even though I have to create my actual speech cards and speech.

It's time to sleep now. 5 hours sleep again. I can nap tomorrow, though. Napping is beautiful.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:27 It's sad to think that I somehow worked as glue for the senior youth group. Sniffle. C'mon, guys, pull up, pull together!
  • 20:03 I like my hair straightened far too much.
  • 20:15 @moebiuscascade I don't know why you can't stop crying. Frown. I've been having the same problem for a while. I hate it.
  • 10:08 @zapthatmonster Congrats. I feel so close and so far from that at Uni Reading!
  • 10:09 It's really ridiculous that when the "You have watched 72 minutes" comes up on Megavid and I'm disconnected from GA, I feel alone. So alone
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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(no subject)

So today I had plant. First lecture I was late for, two minutes I think. Sneaked in and sat down. Drowsy but did OK and got some notes. Don't like the lecturer.

So many of the lecturers I've had for various things seem to hang out in the Harborne / Plant building. Funny seeing them all drinking coffee together, including cute older woman who did microbiology lab. She smiled at me because I was interested in the dorky TV thing before.

Practical was stupid but we made it through. Got a drink, crisps, and starburst to get me through the week and it was amazing. Almost fell asleep as practical guy spoke in second session. He epic fails at holding people's attention or generally giving out plant information in English.

By the end of practical I had everyone coming up to me and having me explain plant parts and the parts of plants we eat for the diary. Good gods I should be getting paid. And watch me not even do well in the course, even with knowing plants reasonably well. That would just be too hilarious.

I tried to work and got some stuff done. I spoke with Mary and Lora and Alisha came in. She told me one of her friends, a third year, had attempted suicide - he was one of the kids no one expected it from because he's so mellow. It really freaked me out.

We had dinner together and it was nice. Back upstairs. Fire alarm went off. I swore and flipped off the alarm, grabbed my dressing gown and iPod "against the rules," and shot off down the stairs. Slipped on my music and could no longer hear the alarm. It was bliss as I danced down the stairs. Stood around outside dancing. Came back in, about to sit down, alarm went off again. Apparently just about everyone in halls said, "For fuck's sake!" So I grabbed my gown and iPod again and did the same. We stood around without the fire engine and came back in, then sat downstairs for a while until we knew it was over. The alarm in every floor BUT 6th had stopped going off. Was really annoying.

I've pretty much finished Brassica. Still working on the presentation for Thursday. Paper for Friday still needs to be done. But that's it, really.

So here it is...

To Do:

[x] Brassica assessment. 12/12.
[x] Harrison Garden assessment. 12/12.
[X] Plant Diary assessment. 12/12.
[x] Biofuels presentation. 11/12.
[-] Legumes paper. 12/12.

X = done.
x = almost completely done.
o = reasonable chip in.
- = looked over and begun, but not far along.

Everyone was hanging out in my room working and it was nice. They got more work done than I, though. I wish I could work as efficiently and as quickly as everyone else. Should work on my systems of work and all that.

Would ideally be going to bed now, but shooting for 2. Nerves probably wouldn't allow earlier. Besides, want to really get down with planning my presentation speech so I can have it done and practice it tomorrow.

Sighs and bites lip. So close, so far, so close, so far...