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Kiwi Crocus
04 December 2008 @ 11:17 am
Sighs, I'm going to dies...

Due Friday:
Plant - Floral structure assessment. DONE.
Plant - Cocoa assessment. HAVE SOURCES.
Plant - Apple assessment. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO.
Enviro - Ecology invertebrate sampling report. WTF AAAAAGH, FAIL.

Due end of term/next week:
Enviro - Group Presentation due the 11th. NOT DONE, HAVE SOME SOURCES.
Plant - Harris Garden armature or climbing. DONE.
Plant - Plant Food Diary. DONE.
Exploiters - Paper on Legumes. SOURCES.

Tonight = probably all nighter from hell. Ecological sampling report is going to kill me in the face.

Why do I have to have a practical in Living Cell tomorrow? Otherwise I probably would have skipped it and had my first ever skipped lecture. But no, I probably wouldn't have anyway. But daaaaamn, screwed much?

I am going to try to adopt the character of Dr. Erica Hahn now to get my frakkin'-arse work done!

(Enviro field trip to the landfill at 1.30. I don't have two questions to ask, but doubt anyone will. Have Lora's wellies. Set. But still going to die.)