December 2nd, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I love the Blues Brothers.

Totally forgot that.

Geh work is stupid.

But I have to do it. Because it's work and I'm Kiwi.

Ah, sigh.

But it's December and things are beautiful. Just so much beauty.

Snoopy thinks I am not holding up my side of the deal with our marriage because I need to be having more romantically heated scenes in my life. I chuckle. Apparently, my life needs more passionate friction. We'll see.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

(no subject)

I suddenly want to read the novel I wrote when I was a sophomore.

I'm frightened.

I think it has to do with the fact that Batgirl reminded me how much I love border collies. We were discussing doggies today. We love border collies and springer spaniels and irish wolfhounds and lots of other doggies. I'm too lazy to capitalize doggie names. Apologies!

And now that it's 1.15 I have to go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a tired work day. But there's never really any notes to type up so that's good.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Sopho (A Sappho Sopho)

Bed in a minute, I promise.

I was just in bed preparing to put my laptop when I felt this NEED to look through my sophomore November 2005 entries, from NaNo then in my first year. When I basically wrote a novel in four days because I'm mad crazy like that. And everyone was all, "You're crazy" then "you're talented" then "You're cool." Quite funny.

Love you, sophomore Kiwi. Don't worry about the chem grades. They don't matter too much! And totally don't worry about the algebra homework, DEFINITELY push that off 'til breakfast, because that doesn't matter much at ALL.

But do smile a bit harder at the thought of university in England. You just might, you know, just MIGHT, quite end up liking that.

I love you, you snarktastic cranky little woman. I like your spunk.

But don't you dare try to kick me in the shins, young lady, because I will raise my eyebrow at you! And you SO do not want me going Rosethorn on your arse! Grins. I know I've got you laughing dear, don't even deny it. Run along and go to sleep. You finished a novel, and you inspired three more. You must be knackered.

Like me. Sleep now. Promise.

But also I was reminded of the time when Snoopy and I communicated mainly through Livejournal. Phone too. Occasional visits. Somehow that makes me feel most nostalgic, going through our old comments. We really have been good friends.

And I also realized that along the way, if I had ever had to choose between Mrs. Cavanagh and Snoopy, it always would have been Snoopy. We may not have been an Immediate Kindred Klick or anything, but we worked hard and we went through a lot and we love each other like proper friends. She's my Hannah, my high school heart.

I don't know. The thought just made me smile.

And then it turns a bit dorky when I realize we've both sort of neglected our livejournals a lot, but now I'm abusing mine, and I just laugh. 'cause y'know, I laugh lots with Snoopy. 'tis good. Laughter's the medicine of life, eh? And Snoopy? She knows medicine. Sticks tongue out.

And hugs.

I love you!