November 24th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 19:28 Lora's beloved uncle has 6 weeks left to live; colon cancer. Actually, everyone's weekends have been really sucktastic. But hers most.
  • 20:05 Of course Mistress Fate would decide to punish me by having an all-night b-day party on the floor the night I procrastinate hardcore.
  • 21:15 Livejournal, you are not allowed to stop working! Do you understand me?! I don't feel right when you're wrong!
  • 22:02 I am waiting for my tea to cool so I can drink it. Had good convo. with Mary preparing tea. Yum green tea. I can do thissss.
  • 23:53 @daheefanel I would never mention such a thing. Blasphemous to bring up another's essays when one is procrastinating already. <3!
  • 00:13 The birdies are waking up. It's adorable. I'm so close to having all my information and on to easy part; I hate countryside comparison!
  • 00:46 @caffeinemancer I wish I could go to bed. Was considering sleeping from 6-7, but thought one random hour of sleep was a bit useless!
  • 01:00 "Goodnight, good luck, death." has to be about one of the best sign-out lines I have ever heard after some serious procrastination. Win ...
  • 01:16 Egheghegh. Actually starting to write now, which is supposed to be the easy part, but I've never done one of these before. Eww.
  • 02:08 The view out my window of the rising sun with the heightened moon would be beautiful if I weren't sick again from writing and nerves.
  • 03:10 Lora tried to skip chem today but Pirate is over and told her she should go. Probs cause I told him last night it'd be best for her! Yay!
  • 03:31 Hit 1000 words and have a few more topics to hit along with the conclusion, but I hate to go chem out. More cuttage and refing later, geh.
  • 07:24 @caffeinemancer I procrastinated on a paper. =[. Iz working on 20 minutes. Finishing paper and haz to pass in, then will ZONK OUT.
  • 08:05 The assessment is written. Time for references, quick appendix, and cutting it down to 1500 words. Only 1700 this time. Less to cut!
  • 09:27 Screwed. It jumped to like 2100 with references and stuff. I am so dead.
  • 11:40 @caffeinemancer I would like to eat a slow breakfast some time. But I either sleep peacefully through it or eat nutella on toast on the run
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!