November 17th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


'twas really nice seeing Snoopy's Miss Delaney icon back on flist. I always miss it! Given that we used to keep in contact primarily through livejournal when we were both not interested in emailing and she didn't want to go on IM. Now we're both disinterested in emailing, I don't go on IM, and she doesn't post. But now there is Facebook!

But I definitely still miss livejournaling with her haha. We used to have the best livejournal comment chains everrrr.

I finished Tulipifera! The title is shite for the book, but then again the book in general is shite, but I had a good time of it!

So tomorrow starts the final four chapters of the High School Novel (which doesn't even have a WORKING title because I am so pathetic--bad enough that my working titles become my real titles, let alone that I usually can't even come up with working titles).

That will also be my last novel idea from high school, which is a really sad thing for me to think about. I still have short stories and stuff to finish, but it's a really strange feeling to know it's my last high school novel idea. That I got the whole thing from when I was stressed out junior year doing NHS applications, being active in GSA and Plant Guides and church and having too much school work and everything was going on. That I just stopped and thought "GEH. WANT TO GO TO THE FUTURE. LULZ TIMECAPSULE OF MAI MISERY FER FUTURE KEYWII" and then there was a story.

Zoë mentioned that yeah, in four years time I'll be finished up with university novel ideas and the new ones will be from the work force and stuff.

And I was like: head asplodes.

Because that's mind-blowing! Epic! Scary! Get the pillow to hide behind and the toilet paper roll to conduct battle with!

And now it is bedtime 'cause I have chemistry on the morn'.

(I is at 36.6k.)
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 19:17 Oh for the love of humor, I just saw "honor" in Mum's post and thought, "Why is she spelling it wrong, with no u?" Sheet, I'm going native!
  • 19:18 @Zoethor2 How did I manage to perverse "pivot table" and snork at your second ever Twitter? I'm skilled, apparently.
  • 19:29 Wow. Tammy posted on sheroes for the first time I've seen in forever. Props to Manteli for pulling her out of the abyss with an epic rant!
  • 03:14 Waking up Monday morning is shite. And I wish I could nap today, but I haz washing and work. Heart broken. Was insomniac last night!
  • 09:30 Dear Fate: You're annoying me. You said you'd have a paper back to me today, and it wasn't there. I have to trek over again. Shakes fist.
  • 10:00 I finished making the blog for the sixth floor Windsorites and friends.
  • 12:16 I am a very peeved angry. Cue angry music, punching pillows, dressing strangely artsy, and being a snarky beech! Paper wasn't there! & ...
  • 13:56 Ahhh my anger and its not-dissipating-ness. Laundry, chem, exploiters, enviro, deathsleep. Want my assessment grade. Frak this shite, yo.
  • 14:18 Know why I'm not in relationship. I prefer honesty to snooping around on someone else's Facebook and adding from other accounts. WTF.
  • 15:15 Elise put up an old picture from like second grade of the class on Sweatt hill. And now we're all reminiscing. Now working. Wtfers. Hah.
  • 16:34 Doing the Macarena and walking up and down the corridor counts as doing chemistry, right? ...right? What about crunches? Meditating? Eek
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Bad Monday

I snoozed twice today and rolled out of bed. Was in a really bad mood. When I went to get my breakfast the girl next to me didn't move her tray over when I went to put nutella on my toast. But I didn't just ask, so I'm stupid and left my tray half off the edge. And shocker it fell. Spilled milk everywhere, Annie came out and tisk tisked what is thissed. I felt so bad. I put my tray up and again the girl didn't move her tray over even as I was starting over, even though she looked over at me. Finally I just asked her and she looked ditzy yet affronted at the same time. I knew my luck was not with me.

I walked to chemistry and sat with Jo chatting. We had the first part of lecture with little problem, although we couldn't name the organic molecules as fast as the electric questions required. I got mine all right though. We went for workshop and there was a strange man. None of us really understood what was going on. I'll stumble my way through. Then we were all stuck out of the classroom for a while and a lot of people skived off.

Although I did utter the quote, "I wish knowledge spread like STI's, then I'd be really smart!" and realized what that said about me so I couldn't help but laugh. Had meant more 'wish knowledge spread as uncontrollably' but 'course it SHOULD be taken sexually, given the way I said it. Then Jo and I discussed the pros and cons of having a sexual favor positive affirmation system for studying. We laughed.

Second half of lecture was alright but the class wouldn't shut up. More questions. She stopped at a good point and we left.

Convinced Lora and others to come with us to check for our Chilterns' Assessment, so it was me, Jo, Spork, and Lora. It. Wasn't. There. We spoke with the lady in charge twice. She pointed me toward Simon Mortimer. I went up and spoke with him, he said he had passed them to the office already and they were probably under(wo)manned. That he would sort if out and send an email. I was really angry/sad/disappointed/fearful. We walked back.

I went to my room, finished setting up the quote blog, set up my washing, put it in the wash downstairs. Walked to New Agriculture consumed with fear to check again for the paper since I had had lunch and some more time and it was approaching four.

My paper wasn't there again. I checked three times. Simon himself came by and saw me, could tell I was a bit panic-stricken. He assured me he would track down my paper. I'm seriously considering sending a "gehhh moar time plz?" email because I know I could have started searching for information, but what I would pick out really depends on what I'm writing about, and that depends on what objectives I pick, and that was the whole point of getting the other one back first - to make sure we were doing it right and writing about the right stuff. So it's really annoying to not have it until Tuesday when the next one is due Friday!

I came back listening to angry music, kicked my door open, forgot things twice in a row when going downstairs and went down a total of 4 times to get my drying, came back up and changed into proper pants rather than boxers. Felt more comfortable. Put away laundry, cleaned up and prepared for work, procrastinated some, added Amy Speace on Facebook, sang and paced, felt nervous, etc.

Finally got down to some chemistry but too late. So today has not been a good work day. It's not fair that I had a churning stomach all stomach just to not get my assessment back the day I was supposed to. So I'm going to have another nervous night. This is the first paper I get back! Shakes fist.

I'm going to get off the computer now and read in bed because keeping myself up working when I'm tired isn't going to make it any better that I procrastinated today. My notes will just be typed badly and I won't understand them as well as I would if I did it when I was awake. I'll just have to make sure I'm good tomorrow after Plant.

Sigh on today. I also can't find my access card. Dratsdrats, donkey dong, doom!