November 12th, 2008

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The Juliette

Juliette was kicked out of the movie room because she's drunk, she's hunkered down in here, and I'm OK with that because she generally needs companionship when she's drunk. And philosophical talks, and theology, and she needs to rant a bit.

Hmm. Writing soon, I hope.

Tomorrow should be town day! Both Lora and I have a free day tomorrow since we don't have a practical after Exploiters, even though we're in different groups. So good day to go to Natwest and tell them to send me a different card and to try to get money and to try to go shopping a bit.

Especially since I'm seeing Liz on Friday!

She's now taken her Malibu out to see if the movie people are still watching the "boring movie about greased-up men in pants." Laughter.

Which reminds me that I forgot to wear pants to tea, but didn't realise until I was down the lift, so I didn't bother turning it around. And when I off-hand remarked about it after tea with Lora when we were back upstairs, she started cracking up with Juliette. Apparently they thought it was the Most Kiwi Thing to forget to wear pants to a meal and just shrug and go on with the show. (I was wearing a dress, but it was pretty long, so who cares!)
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:11 I remember every time when I go to give someone my writing why I am not going to become a writer. Shivers. Back to work!
  • 17:44 I'm tickled pink. Juliette, after hearing me for a minute, asked, "Are you secretly super clever or something?" I told her I had no idea.
  • 08:17 I don't want to go into town with Ben. Which means I should leave right now. Time to write down what I need and get out!
  • 16:20 Clean Kiwi, you don't like living in this filth. DRESSING GOWN. WARM AND FUZZY. Best thing ever. Now clean!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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28,291 / 50,000

Is ded. But I'm in comfy slippers and dressing gown and I'm going to go die in the corridor, and then clean up my room, and then work on Exploiters, and then write. I get sleep tonight! Yaaay.