November 11th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 10:54 I love Shawn Colvin<3. Also, working, now! Writing and watching tonight!
  • 16:01 Yeast, go away! Glad I'm done learning about you! Shoo, shoo, let in the grape vine! Time to learn about wine instead of beer, apparently
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I woke up today alright and ate brekky on the walk. Went to Palmer instead of Harborne since our lecture was moved for the day. The lecturer almost put me to sleep, even after asking me, "Would you eat this plant?" "No." "Why?" "I don't know what it is." (AKA Kiwi-playing-into-Professor's-hand since it was a lesson on Plant Identification and the reasoning for it. It was parsley, so yes I would have.) He said to the class at one point, "Wow, you all look so tired." I snapped back in my thoughts, 'Duh! It's a 9 a.m. lecture!'

Practical was reasonable. I worked with someone majoring in horticulture but planning to teach - don't remember her name. Plus Katrina downstairs on floor two near Zoë, but I forgot her name and that she was in Windsor because I am a dummy and don't do well with names/remembering places! We inspected flowers and they thought I was really clever, but the truth is I've just had Watsonii for a teacher. We made a Plant ID Key. It wasn't too tricky. We all left before going through the other group's key, because it was boring and not planned well and we all knew how to use keys.

I walked to the library with Katrina and Emma. Emma and I finally found a computer and sent off our Excel datasheet with the information from the last Enviro field trip. She was embarrassed that I put "have a nice day!" at the end of my email and I laughed. Katrina went off because she had another lecture at 2. I walked back to Windsor and ate a slightly reasonable lunch, with chips and ravioli (I made it into a sandwich).

Came upstairs. Talked with Lora about my Multiple-Person and Non-Linear Personal Time techniques. With how we're every stage and phase and age we've ever been and every will be all at one time, and it's all inside us at any given time even if some of it (future) is blurry and some of it (past) may be painful with certain viewing techniques. She's the one who really knows that even though I'm silly and all, I do have some pretty deep thoughts and feelings and all. I'm not a superficial being. I'm just silly! Zen-master silly, minus the wisdom! And the big wooden stick. Although I did used to have a cane!

Lora dragged me off to a shower after a bit of reading up on friends and an email or two. OK one. Because Lora drags hard. We showered, I cleaned my room for inspection - even hoovered - and it never came! Poutyface. I did some singing meditation, then silent meditation, then stretching. Just a half an hour and it was all so amazing. I have to remember that. It helped me work later. Anyway, after that I went down to tea and scarfed it because it was terrible - bad veggie lasagna.

Did my plant diversity notes, then took a quick break and a trip to Lora's for some paper. Then on to Exploiters. I finished up the week on Yeast and moved onto Grapevines. Took a break to dance around and eat chocolate-with-apples. I'll be out of chocolate balls soon. That's so sad. I love eating it with apples! I'll have to end up buying a tub of nutella and use a knife to eat my apples.

Juliette came to ask if I wanted to watch the movie 300, but she asked me at 10.50! No way! I'm not that crazy, when I have a class at 9.00 the next morning! I should technically go to sleep in 2 minutes to get 8 hours of sleep, but I do well on 7 and 6. But I'm going to do some writing and shoot for 7, I think, because I want/need to get some writing done and a bit of reading from spending so much time working today. And sleep sounds sooo good. Bed. It is nice. Bed with laptop with no Internet.

Anyway, Juliette listened to me for a bit and then asked, "Are you secretly super clever or something?" and I was a bit dumbfounded. I told her I honestly had no idea, because I have never been in with Super Clever people, I have test anxiety so Standardized Tests don't work so well, and I'm against taking the IQ test. Haven't the faintest! But we talked a bit and she had fun with that. I discussed how I would be interested in looking at the affects of alcohol (as in chemically) on the body depending on the slight changes in body chemistry based on different emotions - drinking in rage, drinking from depression, drinking from social joy, etc. Just wondering if there's a difference as far as body chemicals and how it reacts. She just kept repeating what it felt like, and I told her I understood that, I just had a desire to read some journals on the subject because I was curious. It seemed neat to look up. And the conversation, I've just remembered, stemmed from my NHS sweatshirt which is hanging up. I told her it was National Honor Society and what that was about.

Harry tried to get me to do the movie too. But when I explained he smiled and was excited. He gave me some food. I also watched some Bones today with Lora and there were random lesbians. I had a funny moment with Sue the plant instructor today when we both admitted we stink with ovaries and carpels, and she said, "With plants I strictly stay away from stuff below the belt!"

It's funny that these kids don't know what to do with me. I'm everything rolled into one. The religious folk like me because I'm obviously deeply religious, but never in a way they have ever experienced - because I'm not religious to their definition at all! I mean, for goodness' sake, for most of the time I'm an ATHEIST - they don't know what to do with me! Yet I have my principles, and I'm into singing hymn songs, and I say the same things about respecting people and loving people, they know I go to church every week when I'm home and am big on youth group and writing sermonettes and working with the kids and all that. Yet they see me do strange meditations and have odd spiritual rituals that aren't particularly affiliated with any religion in particular - they're just Kiwi. So the religious kids don't know what to do.

The metalheads don't particularly know where to place me because I'm a hippie chick. The Queer kids don't know what to do with me because I'm strange with my sexuality. I'm a cuddler but remarkably asexual most of the time - just not interested! The hippies don't know what to do with me because I talk about all this really caustic morbid stuff a lot, and eat meat, and other things (although I tend to jive most with the hippies). The schoolnerdy people don't know what to do with me because I'll go out and unzip my top with no problem.

So. In conclusion. I am a complex creature. Quoting another creature, Cavcreature, because sometimes she was just the best person at summing me up.