November 10th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Finding Work Ethic, Not Little Clown Fish

I lose.

Well, I did shower today. And clean my room so that I can hoover it and keep neat surfaces and do my washing when the frakkin' lift is working.

I figured out which notes I have to copy for classes. But did not copy them.

Wish the notes part of classes weren't so tedious. Or, well, for Exploiters it's not that they are, it's that I let myself get behind before so now it's difficult to catch up even though I like it. And it's just frightening to dedicate that much time to a class but once I do I'll be caught up and understand and things will be good. The Living Cell it IS that tedious because I am waging war against the course. It's just really not that interesting. I should have taken soil sciences with the rockin' professor who makes people laugh. Instead I have Michael Fry. Well, plus attractive young!Fraser and flamboyant!man but they're just drop in. And though they make the notes exciting while said out loud, still tedious to type up and revise with.

So. On the work front, epic fail this weekend.

Tomorrow's Tackle: Chemistry in the morning, signing checks at Whiteknight house because was dying of pain on Friday from crampage, getting money at Natwest, hopefully attacking the town to get stuff.

Probably skipping writers' society to work and possibly write, but probably just work because I'm ahead of writing anyway. Geh. I WILL inspire myself. The Living Cell, you are the bane of my existence!

I'm going to go to sleep now to get the closest to 8 hours of sleep on a weekday I've had in a while. Weird.

(P.S. Ellen DeGeneres makes me happy as Dori <3<3<3.)