November 6th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Sometimes I wish I could have a dictionary for all the terms that are in my heart and pool of feelings.

Sometimes I wish I could properly wish that, when the truth is that most times I am happier without one.

Today was amazing. Right now is amazing.

I'm going to go to sleep. I wish I didn't have to pee. Guess I'll go again before I sleep, giggle. Tomorrow Environment in Practice I.

Smiles. Sorry, I just can't stop it!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I was feeling really good before dinner. Have been wanting to make a long entry for a while. But now I'm feeling really exhausted, took a nap and it wiped me out more, my gut's gone funny and growly and my head hurts. I feel very zapped of energy. I am raising my eyebrows at the pasta I had this evening.

I think I'm going to give myself a break tonight. I discovered a faster way to do up my notes for Exploiters and Living Cell, the classes that took me the longest with notes, and in Enviro in Practice we never really have any notes or immediate homework.

So I think I'll just check Blackboard for tomorrow's Living Cell, look into the practical / lab I have tomorrow, and write until I go to sleep. Most of the mates are gone tonight to a comedy show anyway.

I still feel so peaceful. I have Dweeb's picture up by the other pictures, and then again under my mirror above my sink since I'm used to passing him every morning on school days when getting ready for school - usually as late as humanly possible. Mum and Memere sent packages, so I got a really nifty bracelet and some more New England autumn leaves from Memere, and then a bunch of cool stuff including chocolate (some organic sweetened dark chocolate!) from Mum.

Yaaay. So save the headache, which I could take pain meds for any minute, I'm doing well. I haven't cramped much at all with my moondays, either, which is exciting!

Need a new red sharpie to mark my calender, though. The other one dried out!