November 5th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I hurt people.

It isn't my intention.

It's hard to have a discordant and on different levels, in different realms and realities. Difficult difficult difficult to attempt.

Trying to be kind.

I have been very Now today. I smile.

I feel tired and happy and filled with love, and peaceful. Even though grades exist and people hurt and I could hurt and tomorrow will be a dawn with little sleep. I just feel Serenity.

I am not comparing and contrasting people places or things, or exploring concepts, or pondering, contemplating, examining, analysing - I feel Free right now. I feel Connected. Very One and Now and Be.

You am what you is and I are who I be.

Hmm. Basks. Calm.

Wouldn't this be nice if it lasted all day. But I'm not going to think or worry about All Day, because right now I'm now.

Wow. No proper words. Unconcerned shrugs. Sleep soon. Sounds beautiful, like being awake or in-between.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I just witnessed his/hertory.

Kate and a few of the other Americans and I came together and screamed and were happy beyond all reason.

This is one of those days everyone is going to remember. "What were you doing when Obama was elected?"

I was a dual citizen international student at a reach university near London studying a dream subject staying up until past 5 a.m. on a day she had a class at 9 a.m. but not caring, because I was in a chat room with a bunch of wonderful Sheroes through the entire thing. And writing her third novel for National Novel Writing Month.

The map is so pretty blue.

What a day. What I just lived through.

Oh, now Happiness on top of my inherent Joy and Serenity.

His/hertory. I'm in it.

I listened to his first ever speech. It was all so worth it. I spent my time talking with Snoopy on IM in a way that didn't make any sense but was in all caps and so excited, and chatroom too.

Now I want to sing This Little Light of Mine. It seems appropriate.

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 22:54 I just met with Kate in the hallway, who has been watching the election with some other American. Thank green for fellow lib Ams on floor!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!