October 31st, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I finished my paper. I cut it down to 1491 words.

I spent way too long on it all this weak. But always working on better ways to do things.

This is the time I need to put up a Hermione icon, honestly.

Perhaps I'll do that since I'm about to go to sleep.

I feel accomplished. Wheee. Now I just need to find a way to print it so tomorrow I can bring it to New Ag. What a trek to hand in a paper.

Thinking of Cavinator's reaction to Shayakakak being Hermione tomorrow. Giggles. Was trying to remember what I've been for Halloween at the Aggie--remembered, a Renaissance woman and Professor McGonagall/Mistress Hibbons. Oh and Rosethorn. And a strange Sailor Moon.


Happy Halloween and whatever other names you refer to it as! Smiles.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:57 2 pages of notes up out of 3. I am so slow at working when I'm upset, it's ridiculous.
  • 17:30 Done with the note typing. Now organisation/outline and the writing...
  • 20:47 FRAK FRAK FRAK. 800-something words and only 3 paragraphs. I am going to need to cut this down shite-tons when I'm done. I epic failllll.
  • 21:36 I don't want to write the last two paragraphs and edit stuff out and cite things and add the references. Save meeee.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I woke up at today at 8.15 with little trouble. Decided to get dressed up in color to go for a gay Cat in the Hat type of thing. Tail and hat and fun color with my scarf and tie. Went down to breakfast and stayed late.

Late to Living Cell; sat a few seats away from Jo and Pip because others had taken our normal seats. Sarah went from acting strange to normal. Shrug. I know she was excited to go to Leggoland and home for a bit, as well.

There was quite a specimen to behold up front. I watched her as I read my Children's Book. At first look she reminded me of a young Mrs. Fraser. I was intrigued. I finished my book and put it back in my bad. She started class and I had to smile. Her stance was similar, she pursed her lips similarly after a big point, she joked in a sarcastic manner, she had a very similar walk, and she did a similar little look to the side before walking. Her long hair reminded me of the Mrs. Fraser I knew for the first few years, as did the wide pants and rest of the outfit.

She was so pretty! I was hooked. I paid attention to all that she was saying. A lot to take in on lipids. She spoke very quickly in a reasonably high voice as if she was pushing it out with some difficulty. At one point her attached microphone died and she joked about having batteries, but she happened to have the wrong type. She joked about the hand-held mics IT services had if she hadn't been able to get it working. At the end she talked about potassium and bananas - that it would take 43 bananas to kill someone, but it wasn't possible to eat them fast enough. She then said she took no responsibility for what idiots at a pub wanted to try on a Friday night.

I met up with Pip and Jo after the class. They loved my outfit. I told them I wanted to stay after for a moment. When only a few people remained and she was leaving with her supplies because the next lecture was coming in I gently tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and smiled almost nervously. I thanked her for keeping humour in the lecture, because it was a lot to take in but the fact that she had made it funny made it more pleasant. She seemed really relieved and thanked me heavily. I smiled, reassured her, and went on my way.

Pip's children were late in coming so the three of us headed to the library. I saw one of the girls from writers' society there and she smiled at me. Upstairs Harry was around and helped me print out my Chilterns report. Stuart showed up and visited us. Saw another girl from writers' society/LGBT society. Funny seeing so many people I knew.

Pip took Jo's number. Jo and I walked to New Ag. together. A Kimya Dawson song came on and Jo knew her once I mentioned Juno. I told her I liked non-Juno songs better and asked if she wanted to hear I Like Giants. I knew she wouldn't be able to hear it from my headphones so I sang it as we walked - that was hard! I was so out of breath by the end. Also, I'm apparently Known for my characteristic headphones, hats, and eccentricity. So. Uhm. Apparently loads of people already know me, but most people I don't know. So. Here we go again, after a month. It took me two years at the Aggie!

I lead the way up to the student service center of New Ag. after we found Jack randomly on the bridge. We got the forms and filled them out, discussed our papers. Went to pass them in. I charmed the woman behind the desk. Started with, "We're freshers handing in our first assignments! Please excuse our nerves." Then blabbered on to Jo how nervous I was and got her nervous in the process. Joked with the secretary that it was Halloween, hence the hat and tail, although it was really just a handy excuse. She said she wouldn't have judged with a laugh. Then I somehow got the topic to NaNoWriMo and was very excited. She laughed and said she was pleased to see such enthusiasm, and wished me luck. We left.

Said goodbye to Jo back at Palmer and went to the AMS building to meet Pip and her family. Was introduced to her three children - Amanda (oldest), Jake (middle), and Spud (youngest). Also her parents. We all chatted pleasantly. Went with them to Harris Garden and hung out with the children on the way. I'm getting better with the kid thing! I mean I've been good with children for a while, but it always terrified me. I was able to just go, "OK Kiwi, we're just going to be us, right?" It worked out. I think they all liked me a lot and everyone opened up really quickly.

I was fed some Japanese rice crackers and dried fruit. I eventually said goodbye and made it back to lunch. Ate with everyone and then hung around afterward to keep people laughing and having fun. Came upstairs and put on music. Cleaned up my room and put up more stuff. Made an altar. Looked up Halloween and UU stuff. Made an arty colorful list of the seven principles with Sharpies to put up in my room.

Went down to dinner and ate quickly. Hung out a bit and Batgirl tried to convince me to come out. Came back up and did a ritual, did some comfort stuff, meditated, and came on here. Looked through clips and remembered past Halloweens. Realized I didn't really wanted to go out. I mean I know I would have fun, but I want to get some writing done for NaNoWriMo starting at midnight because this is going to be a tricky year for it and I really need some positive writing after staying up last night write a stressful paper. Need to get back into the universe of this novel.

Now I'm watching Rocky Horror and preparing for midnight. Have some stuff to do until then.

Can't believe it's about to be November!

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween.

Freshman Year: a strange Sailor Moon.
Sophomore Year: Rosethorn.
Junior Year: Renaissance Woman.
Senior Year: Professor McGonagall / Mistress Hibbins.
Fresher Year: Gay Cat in the Hat.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Susan Sarandon is also far too steamy.

I always laugh at the virginity song.

I want to memorize that song.

Now to cool down after the yum yum yummmmm scene.