October 29th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Today was really nice. I downloaded Digsby because gayboyfriend wanted me to. I LOVE it. It hooks me up with all my emails and websites - Facebook, Twitter, myspace - as well as having all my messengers in a format I actually like. It's loffely.

So that was distracting but I worked stuff out. Was miffed when I figured out the Plant teachers put up more stuff from LAST week they hadn't included before instead of posting about flowers, what we learned about today. So I had to go back and type up more notes and add to my other section. That was before dinner.

I ate dinner in about 20 minutes to be more efficient. Came back up, finished plant stuff, bit of a break. Started reading through resources for Chilterns. Reading through Profile now, which is 44 pages but not a whole big amount is actual information for me, and most of it is repeat anyway. I'm on page 13 because it's slow reading and note-taking. But it's the last research I'm looking up pre-writing, I think. Also emailed the professor my questions. Now I'm a bit embarrassed because one question is stupid, but ehhh I forgive!

Tomorrow is about finishing the reading and note-taking, then, and typing them up to organise them. Then start the writing process when I know the format (my first question - report vs. essay).

But! Between that! IT STARTED SNOWING. Lora ran into my room and freaked out. We ran down all 6 flights of stairs full speed and ran around outside. I was screaming and hugging people and feeling so at home with snow. We came back up and I went back to work, after an email to some of my lovesss.

Then she came again and demanded I go out and play in the snow with her. After a little argument of "I have to work" she convinced me (not that hard, with snow) and I put on my stuff. Ran downstairs and saw Zoe(umlaut) playing with her group. It was cute. I joined mine. We had a snowball fight and they were all shocked with my aim. Harry had me hit him three times in a row from a ways away just to see that I could do it, and was then shocked. I was hitting people from across the parking lot, and dodging or catching snow as I went along. I was a little snow ninja and it was GREAT. Then we went out to the field and slid around. I did a handstand. Juliette took pictures. Everyone else was freezing cold. I was in PJ pants and soaked everywhere and still not cold. I really am a New Englander!

It was worth ditching out on my assessment for a while to go play outside. I could tell as I was playing that I was forming one of the memories I would always have of university - the first snow, all playing together, even before Halloween. It was just a beautiful scene. It's going to be one I hold with me, and I'm glad I didn't pass up on it for more research on the chalk grasslands of Chilterns, no matter how fascinating they are.

Back upstairs, into warm clothes, back to work. Chatted with Shaya and it was amusing. A few emails here and there. Facebook and Twitter, etc.

Tomorrow I have to catch up on Exploiters some, as well. Efficient tomorrow, Kiwi! I've skipped two societies this week. Wonder if I'll skip coffee hour tomorrow. I'm just not that inspired to be part of societies, as strange as it is. I have friends. I'm happy being in my dorm working. But I'll seeee.

It was lovely looking down and seeing people playing in the snow outside the big tree. I could hear them as I worked. It was beautiful. Mistress Fate was kind to me today - one minute Facebooking I Want Snow, the next minute a snowball fight.

Thank you, Mistress Fate and Lady Irony! I love you!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:18 @sarcastic_kitty I'd wear it, so it sounds hippie to me! Thanks for the reply. Giggles. Good luck! Hugs. Hippie hugs. Luck and love!
  • 17:19 I got snow! It was so amazing! I feel less horrible about this assessment. It's not killing me in the face quite as much.
  • 17:42 I'm going to go insane writing this assessment if I keep running to my email every time I get a message, hoping it's from Her.
  • 18:37 Lesson learned: things do not get done when it snows. I had a snow fight instead, and I kicked so much posterior! It was epic winnnn! <3.
  • 11:10 I shouldn't have emailed Her. I'm so stupid. So incredibly, monstrously stupid. Please someone, take away my Internet.
  • 12:47 I am in such a bad funk right now that even I can't find any humor in it. Someone please put me out to pasture? I'm sick of caring.
  • 14:25 I don't want to break for dinner because I was such a lousy worker today, but I have to care for this body of mine...
  • 15:18 I just realized that it's Wednesday, so I don't have class tomorrow until 3! Win for staying up late properly!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!