October 28th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Beginning of the Week

Monday I woke up at 8.15 instead of 7.30, so now shower for me. Fell into clothing and finished getting ready. Grabbed some honey on toast for brekky and took it on the run. Got to chemistry, took out Contented Little Pussy Cat, and started reading while Jo was around. Joked with her and Spork about the assessment for Friday.

Chemistry was really nice. I love the professor! She smiles frequently and it's very apparent that she's passionate about her subject. When she was showing water molecules vibrating (shivering, I like to think) with the rigid bonds in ice, she tried to point out the atoms with the laser. Only whenever she turned the laser on (which is part of what controls the slides, so must have something to do with the computer), the computer would freeze a bit and the molecules would stop vibrating. She joked, "If only I had that power!" and I laughed really hard. She showed us a video of the "Jesus Lizard" or something, that can run across water because of the surface tension and adaptations. When someone called out, accidentally, "Oh Jesus!" about how fast the thing was she laughed and said, "Maybe that's why it's called that!"

Uh, yeah, it reminded me of Mrs. Cavanagh. It made me so happy. She's also my one female professor, so I value that a lot as well. I miss females at the front of the class. It's something I got used to through my schooling and something I've always enjoyed.

During workshop I was joking with others about not letting the professor's helpers see my paper until I was finished. I joked with the boy nearby me and Jo. One helper, the one I think is really cute, kept coming by and pretending to look at my paper. At one point she made an, "Oooh!" sound in my ear when I didn't know she was there and I screamed. We all laughed. I expressed my view that chemistry was just the love story of elements - their hooking up and breaking up, what they need and want, how they get it, and who doesn't want in on it. She laughed. She had joked about chemistry majors, so I added, "So really it's just a bunch of hopeless romantics in chemistry." She laughed even harder. Poosh! It was whee.

Batgirl and Laura came up to me and said goodbye, that they were going to have Sarah help them with the chemistry because they didn't understand. I offered to help when we were out of class. I went back to class and finished up lecture. Dragged and stayed behind chatting with Jo and getting ready, but the professor was zig-zagging around doing stuff. That's the tricky part about lecture theatres - one lecture end, another begins. Wanted to email her to thank her for smiling, joking, and being passionate. Because I'm a strange one.

Walked back home. Ate lunch. Came upstairs. Showered with Batgirl. Turns out she and Laura skyved and went back to their dorms - they hadn't been in the second half of Chem, although I hadn't known their goodbye for "we're skipping." I got miffed with complaints about the lecturer.


She's a good lecturer! She pauses, she asks questions to know we're giving following along, she has presence, she explains things carefully, she leaves us open to ask questions and give corrections, she keeps the environment nice. She is not a bad lecturer just because you're too busy sitting in the back drawing hydrogen-bond versions of your mothers to come up front and listen! Don't blame your inability to understand on the lecturer, or not entirely, please do set some aside and dedicate it to your disinclination to pay attention and bother listening!

End rant.

Showering was fun. Got dressed up with underwear over my pants and a bra on my head. Ran around excitedly with my sports bra on. Put on a shirt. Typed up my chem notes. Fooled around. Worked on my assessment. More fooling around. More work, some emailing, chatting with Shaya, went to sleep far too late.

Woke up today at 8.15 intentionally, got ready quickly, honey toast on the way out, walked to Harborne. Sat alone and took note sin the lecture. Went to practical and drew pictures of halved flowers. Looked at pollination types. Joked with everyone. Others gawked over my pictures and writing. It reminded me of high school, back in botany doing the same things. And in college bio - can't believe the teacher said I should be an artist. Someone in practical said, "Your drawing is like a text book drawing!" I laughed. Joked with the plant lady who comes to our practicals. Talked about the assessments.

Met up with Pip and Emma. We chatted, Emma had to get going. Pip and I chatted about worry and grade anxiety. We went to the cafe and I let myself buy a good sandwich because I haven't enjoyed a good meal in a while and I haven't spent any money on weekends for food, either, I've been eating the leftover's of others. Plus she's going to take me for a weekend at some point and feed me real food, so she'll be saving me money and giving me more!

We continued chatting by the street corner about loads of different stuff. Then we split ways and I came to lunch but didn't have to eat the icky food! Yaaay! I chatted with Juliette and Alyshia, then moved on to Batgirl. Ben somehow always lends himself to sexist conversations. I argued with him, all jest and smiles, playing a game of swords with my words when his were a twig or petiole. Had fun with Matt though. Harry just looks at me like I'm blasphemous, but he's Christian, so I AM. Ah well! As if I care. I'm funny, who cares? Cackles madly.

Two pieces of post. One activation to online account and the other some cheques. I opened up the bank account online and sent the information to Malcolm for when he's back from holiday. Sent two emails to Mum. Have to get to the rest of the emails, but I'm not too worried. Possibly nap time for me now. Have to type up my notes, possibly do a bit more note-stuff, and work on my assessment.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:59 Is it really selfish of me to wonder if She still thinks of me, and know that I would be sad if She didn't, even if it got her sad at times?
  • 21:43 I need to learn this "how to go to sleep" game because I haven't been following the rules right.
  • 11:50 @hucatherine What lesbians have been licking you lately? Laughter.
  • 11:52 I went to do my work and Storms Were Mine was on, and now I'm just thinking about Snoopy! Hi Snoopy! Hope you're doing well!
  • 14:51 @sarcastic_kitty Dressing like a hippie is always worth it!
  • 14:52 @hucatherine Yup, see you tomorrow bright and early for Exploiters, but I'll probably be dead. Also, sorry to hear about the stabbing!
  • 14:52 I took a half-hour break for dinner and now I'm back to feeling dead with work. If I were a less stressed person, life would be better.
  • 17:18 @sarcastic_kitty I'd wear it, so it sounds hippie to me! Thanks for the reply. Giggles. Good luck! Hugs. Hippie hugs. Luck and love!
  • 17:19 I got snow! It was so amazing! I feel less horrible about this assessment. It's not killing me in the face quite as much.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!