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Kiwi Crocus
27 October 2008 @ 12:41 am

- Slept through breakfast, all the way to 12.12 again. (This seems to be the time I wake up on weekends.)
- Woke up, had lunch.
- Finished my Exploiters week one notes and readings and assessments. (Yeah, Kiwi = a bit behind, but not too bad.)
- Did my hair in odangoes again.
- Ran around.
- Danced.
- Ate some free pizza.
- Worked out the format for my Chilterns report and figured out what has to go where.
- Typed up my practical notes for the Chilterns trip.
- Tried to figure out how one uses notes from lectures in reports, if it is possible.
- Made up a list of what I have to include for topics.
- Thought about the list of questions to email my professor.
- Got ready for chem.
- Skyped with Kristin for the first time <3 and realized my vocabulary is just as good as hers speaking in real life, if not better merely because I can reach for it while speaking in real-time conversations.
- Felt awesome.
- Not panicked.
- IMed some with Shaya.
- Thought about Cavcreature.
- Sang with a group of friends.

While I was panicking yesterday (full-blown panic attack, hyperventilating, almost passing out, etc) I realized that the last time I had had one in-school was when I lost my black file-folder junior year, which had my plant collection and plant sheets and everything. How I freaked out completely in the morning and had a panic attack and only Cavcreature could calm me down.

Then singing today Harry brought out his guitar and it was passed around as we sang old hippie songs and hymn songs. I sang This Little Light of Mine and Michael Row the Boat Ashore to jog peoples' memories. For a moment I thought of Cavcreature and how much I have always wanted to hear her play the guitar and piano with some singing. I doubt I'll ever have the courage to ask, now that I'm so afraid she would recline. I am not the spark-fire, tough sophomore I used to be. In some respects I am an anxious Fresher in a whole new (or, really, Old) World.

So yes. Examples of how she is still often on my mind. (Also some proof for you, Shaya, that it isn't just you who brings them about - sad smile - if you were afraid it was somehow linked with you. Just more examples that, as I said, she is linked with everything.)

But today is a happy occasion! So none of this. Tomorrow I have chem at 9. That's probably why Cavcreature is on my ind again. Sleep time for me now, more work tomorrow.
Kiwi Crocus
27 October 2008 @ 05:24 pm
  • 13:22 Report-writing is for after dinner-eating, and my nerves are going crazy already.
  • 16:28 My bum gets numb when I'm working on coursework. =/.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!