October 24th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I woke up yesterday and got up quickly. Ran down to lunch and got some nutella toast to go. Ate it on my way to Exploiters. Met with Pip there and we chatted - she told me what she had made herself for dinner, meanie. Laura came and sat with me because Batgirl/Lora hadn't come. Though she had promised to. So we were a bit miffed.

Lecture was really funny. The professor is really easy-going but also doesn't have all that much control. He's very soft. I like to laugh at his jokes for the reassurance, because otherwise he's a bit jittery - but I like his jokes, so it's no biggie! He made a joke about larger tasting disgusting. I almost fell asleep between lectures (during break) but Pip offered me a sweetie and I jumped up exclaiming yessss.

We walked to AMS for practical and hung around. I met up with CJ and made her laugh. We flirted and chatted. Pip bought me hot chocolate! She's such a sweetheart. Our classroom was changed. We went in for the discussion on the paper. It was just regular referencing stuff and finding sources. At the end for questions I asked for the scale of what was considered "good grades" because I was used to a different system. It looks as though I have to change my head to >80 = A+, EXCELLENT! >70 - A, spot on! >60 B, reasonable but get it up; >50 you haven't failed but MORE EFFORT PLZ; >40 go cry, but at least you still haven't failed.

Pip and I hung out for a little while and then I walked home. Had lunch. Upstairs for a bit. Then I headed off to New Agriculture to drop off my forms for Thursday's field trip. I went all the way around the lake to get there since I took one wrong turn on the new way but loved it even more since it took me 'round the lake. I got really into my music and just let myself dance as if it were a silent rave (I was using my iPod). Some people appreciated it. Most people acted as if I didn't exist. Have a sense of humor, people! You're allowed to laugh with me! I'm not hurting anyone, I'm just dancing!

New Ag is a very confusing building. I finally found the right room but Duncan wasn't there. I knocked on the door across from his and an attractive older lady told me yes, I could slip it under the door. She joked with me and smiled a lot. As I walked away I reminded myself Down, Kiwi, wait another decade. Giggles.

Sat by the lake near a fallen tree singing and watching the ducks. Noticed their patterns of diving and wetting themselves. Watched the leaves and how their ripples over the water worked. Danced over to Cafe Mondial and drew outside until it was 2.30. Went in and there was no one there.

As I was drawing I got fed up by the fact that I can't draw quickly with less quality anymore - it's either all or none at present. It took me a long time to get down drawing with less detail in the manga sort of way (non-detailed eyes, chibi, no folds, etc.). After I got frustrated enough to stop I gave it another shot and managed to finish the part I couldn't do quickly exactly the way I wanted. I was impressed. Two other people finally showed up when I was ready to leave. We hung out chatting and I drew another mini-comic of the Professor's comment on larger being disgusting.

I read a chapter in The Power of Now and got into it. Then I checked out the top floor of 3Sixty and can understand why people go up there to study. It's really nice. I think I'll consider it in afternoons when I have to do work but don't want to be in my dorm room. I went back home and was ate dinner. Went back upstairs and Laura was online. She convinced me, like CJ, to go to RocSoc.

Oh. The whole other part of this story was that two days ago Batgirl's crazy ex (who lit her on fire) told her he was actually coming, because she had said she bet he never would (challenging crazy people = not smart). She checked his train and it looked real. So instead of going to town with me she went off alone to try to run from him. Later that evening we discovered she was back with him in her room (slightly annoying after telling us all not to let him in and having Big Mike upstairs to protect us). Then he stayed the night.

Yesterday she told Laura she was watching a movie and eating with me, which wasn't true. We wondered what was going on. She was actually bringing Aaron to the train station. (I now know she had PLANNED to surprise me by eating cheese toast and watching a movie since she had already ditched me so many times, but she hadn't mentioned it to me so I didn't know.)

Anyway. I gussied up and went off to RocSoc. Passed a group of pirates on my way. Met up with Laura and CJ. Met some others. One moment I remember was a chest moment.
Random Boy to a Friend: "Hey! You're over here with all the short people!"
Kiwi: "Hey! I may be short vertically, but I grow other places!"
Both Boys: "Oh really?"
Kiwi: "Yes really." [Unzips hoodie.]
Boy 2: [Lifts up his cell phone to shine a light on them.] "You have got quite a point there. Yes, you do."

We walked to Rising Sun. I tried Laura's cider and it was gross but I giggled. We took up a booth and chatted. I had probably tops 5 gulps cider. So still no drink night, which disappoints everyone but makes me cackle. I made friends with the people there. Teased Laura about her crushboy Alex. She's so strange. She can text him a dirty text but can't talk to him in person. He came up to ask us all (but really her) how we were doing and all she could say was hi. I kept pointing at him as I talked and she told me not to but when he looked up I gave a secret wave and made joking 'come here' gestures as I looked back and talked to Laura. I caught the smile he gave her out of the corner of my eye. She called me a twat and told me she was going to kick my arse, but I told her she knew she loved that smile and she couldn't lie. She agreed.

I got a drink of water and the boy at the bar gave it to me in a goblet to "make me look cool." Giggles. Back to the table after meeting new friends. Steve, Ed, others. CJ came over and we snuggled. We were talking about Subway and she said how there was a Subway in her town that was trying to take over a family bakery. I acted angry and hit the table. Wave of cider at me from the full pint of cider on the table. We all laughed so hard. "The only sober one here!" was mentioned a few times. It was good, though, because it belonged to Eva but Laura had bought it for her and Eva had been drunk even before getting to the pub. She didn't even want it.

I loved the environment. Eventually we went to dance. I got really into just rave dancing - lots of arm movement and my own unique style. I tried once in a while when Laura wanted me to do the regular club sexy-dancing but a) she was toasted and b) that puts me off my groove. So mainly I danced by myself and it was loads of fun. At the end we all played a song that was silly and we can-can'ed. Bev (I think that was her name) got me to join in, although she didn't need much. Just looked at me and smiled and I was in. Steve made a joke of it by getting on his knees to match my height.

I thanked Bev for inviting me in and she loved that I was called Kiwi and gave me a hug. Introduced me to her boyfriend. I then spoke with one of the officerpeople of RocSoc and explained how I was new and why I couldn't pay yet (bank account not open) and we all laughed and got along. They joked about my being sober yet still doing loads. The boy asked if the zip on my dress went all the way down, and I said yes. He asked if that wasn't a bad thing and I said I never minded, then gave a shrug and a smile. He unzipped it, I said, "Yup, there we go!" and he zipped it back up. We laughed.

I somehow got drunken Laura and Eve out of the pub. We all walked back toward Reading with Steve asking me about drinking. He was very pro-drinking. He told me the effects of being drunk and I looked up to say, "But...I feel like that all the time!" and he was impressed. (Free, not conscious of others' opinions, happier, more likely to laugh even if at nothing). I joked with someone about the unzippering and Zipper Boy heard, seemed slightly self-conscious of it. I smiled and said the record was 7, don't worry about it; he proceeded to unzip and zip me seven times. When he caught the skin of my breast on the last one he felt terrible but I assured him the pain was over as soon as I had mentioned it.

We went to a chicken store and people ordered food. Mike came up and surprised me by hugging me from behind in a big bear hug. There was more hugging and Steve fed me chips. Mike led me back to Windsor. He's so tall! So with his arm around my shoulders his hand was at chest level and when I stuck my arm out it was at his bum. Which turned into my hand warmed between his trousers and underwear, and a discussion of my chest. He knew my policy on chest-touching (as in, don't have one) and tested it. He said, "What a waste!" and then started guessing the size. He got up to D when I said, "Double D" and he replied, "D-Dang!" He beatboxed and it was epicccc. We talked about Batgirl and how he likes her but felt mixed messages coming from her. I told him it was the same for her, about him.

He led me back through the shortcut and we parted ways. It was really nice. Came back up, got undressed, and got into bed with my laptop. Went to sleep soon after.

I really liked it, actually. Sorry if this has changed your views of me, sheepish smile. Just who I am! Very open and free. Yes, even without the drink. Smiles. I had a wonderful night! Dancing all about and making people laugh and making new friends. They all want me to come to many more RocSoc gatherings.


Woke up today, took a shower, got ready, skipped breakfast, read assessment and freaked, off to enviro, nervous in the foyer. Everyone arrived and we got in the minibus. The driver!professor reminded me of Mr. Lee again and backed into something, which dislodged the spare tire. Very Lee. We drove. Joked with CJ. Evaluated landscapes and took notes. Interesting conversations. Drove back listening to Tenacious D with CJ and singing, haha. Back to foyer and said goodbye. Told Spork I'm interested in going to the anime tomorrow (can't go out another night - my legs hurt!).

Back to halls, ate dinner (it was reasonable!), upstairs, Internet and chemistry notes. Tomorrow I have just Living Cell lecture and discussion for practical. Then weekend! But for lots of work.

Excited for nutella bread tomorrow morning. Going to do a quick get ready again. Maybe wake up 10 minutes before I want to be downstairs, haha. Yeah, I sound like a college student.

I quite like being strange, actually. And free.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I had the most amazing lecture today, second part.

The lecturer was AMAZING. So funny and charismatic and helpful, and he knew how to PAUSE after saying something! Gasp!

Workshop was awesome, worked with Sarah and we answered the first question.

Now it's the weekend! I've eaten so I'm going to finish online stuff, finish watching a movie I've been wanting to finish, write and draw as I do, and fall asleep in a nap when I'm done. Anime later tonight. Work most of the weekend.


Also, at some point in my life I REALLY want to live in Australia for a while. <3.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I wish I weren't such a perfectionist with chemistry and everything else.

That said, I'm going to see if I can go make toast.

People should come visit me. But by "people" I mean general people in Windsor, 'cause I wouldn't go demanding people in Massachusetts visit me, haha.

I made friends today.

ETA: I wish I could be more like cooking with my grades. I am so completely incapable with anything kitchen-like, I just do my best and am happy with what I've created. Sometimes it isn't even edible, but it's usually been botched up in such a fantastically unique way that I just have to be impressed with myself and go on to make something new.

That would be a very good attitude for me to have with grades. But if cooking were grades, I'd probably be an excellent yet neurotic cook.

I wouldn't enjoy that so much.