October 22nd, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I slept late today, got up to take a shower, got ready, and didn't go to breakfast at all. I read Shaya's email instead. Walked to lecture and read. Lecture was pretty good - just veggie plant parts, which Watsonii taught us. The botany was nice though. I missed it. Had the man who reminds me of Dufault.

I read during the break before practical, then went out to meet up in the carpark. Met up with Pip and grabbed a sheet. Followed the man around as he mumbled about plants and I tried to keep fast notes. I think I did pretty well. At first I was trying to stay with Pip and her friend, but realized I wasn't happy like that. I went back to the position I used to hold in Watsonii's class and walked at the instructor's heals.

I loved all his corny dry jokes. He was smoking a pipe, as well. So sweet smelling! I laughed. It all reminded me of Dufault so much, with a bit of Nelson's plant-craziness mixed in. And he wandered from place to place like Watsonii.

I love Harris Botanical Garden. Need to remember to go walk there and read and do work there. Eat there maybe.

I joked around with Pip afterward. She talked with the professor and I listened intently. Danced around. We made him laugh. I walked to Whiteknights House with Pip and then we kept talking. Talked about Queer community, marriage, monogamy, polygamy, limited relationships, youth, religion... Pagan! Stellar! Really, really, I was so filled with joy. I think I'm just as pleased to find a pleasant Pagan person as I am to find a fellow UU. So she offered to give me some UK Pagan books to read! Pagan AND willing to give me literature on the subject! Aaaand knowing that Wicca is not the only Pagan belief system because, uhm, it totally isn't at all - they're not synonymous! So yes. I was pretty much ecstatic.

AND! She offered to bring me home some weekend to keep me up and feed me and let me read her books because she told me she saw that all the other kids had homes to go back to once in a while, and I didn't have that. But I really do trust her. I've spoken with her multiple times. She's 34 with three kids, going back to school to do something she loves and get back her life after a horrible second marriage that ruined her mentally. (She spilled quite a bit about her life.) She's really quite wonderful. I was so happy walking back. I've missed adult contact in my life. If I'm not going to have much close Professor interactions, I feel so much better to have adult contact elsewhere.

I ate lunch with Juliette and Matt talking about humor. Upstairs and Batgirl was freaking out because her ex-boyfriend (the one who lit her on fire so she dumped) was ACTUALLY coming as he had threatened. She had checked the train he had said he was on and everything. So instead of going into town together, she said she had to go out alone and run away from him. I told him I understood. We planned to go out tomorrow.

She left and I came back in. Did something, then read and napped, woke up and wrote a chapter in my novel (4 left! sniff, and it was 3,333 words, really weird), skipped tea, went to LGBT debate. Met a few people and paid attention to the debate on whether Gay Pride is still important. I still love it regardless. Pro-Gay Pride won out. Walked home and checked in on Batgirl again. I had knocked on her door after tea and she had actually been there, with Aaron, only she didn't tell us. We had all been so worried! We didn't appreciate that all that much, but we were glad she was back and safe. He apparently wanted to sleep outside? I don't know what's going on with that.

I drew a comic while at LGBT involving Batgirl and Aaron and the fire-safety test. I enjoyed it.

Back home, cleaned and danced around, tried to work but couldn't (just typing notes), not feeling as worried as I should but it's OK.

Exploiters tomorrow. Discussion after that. Then drop off forms at New Ag. Coffee hour with LGBT at 2.30. Possibly out on the town but thinking not. Will probably stay in and do work and make sure I get some sleep. No 9 a.m. on Thursday! But a field trip. Exciting!

Need to get a lab coat and stuff. Working on it.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 18:02 is wtfffffffrak, where the frak did my work ethic go? THE MONSTER UNDER MY BED ATE MY MOTIVATION AND AMBITION! Must beat it with a spatula
  • 07:36 @myowncliche GDIAF? I don't know that one. But if it's negative, and about the Common App, then I AGREE! Stupid American college stuff...
  • 07:37 Uhm, yeah, jaykay on the nap. I still have to eat lunch, drop off my measly form, and get to coffee hour. Then library? Meebles. Wibble.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Roc Soc

I have two friends who want me to go to RocSoc (Rock Society) tonight. CJ from ecology and Laura.

Tomorrow is the only weekday I don't have a 9 a.m. class. I don't even have a lecture. It's a field trip at 1.30, which would mean basically getting up at at least twelve pretty much.

I wanted to dedicate tonight to work. But I also know I logically don't really have any actual WORK that needs to be done at this point - just typing up notes, reading some stuff the professors put up, and beginning to look into the assessments due a long time from now.

So. Uhm. I'm really tempted. RocSoc people are awesome. I haven't been out for the night since I was with Snoopy.

They meet at 8 at Palmer. I have until 7.45 to decide, and I'm going to get ready during the time in case I decide to go.

Especially since I don't think there's an entrance cost.