October 20th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I'm awake at 3.50 in the freakin' morning. I am not pleased about this.

1) My throat hurts like OUCH. I detest swallowing.
2) I can't take more pain killer until 4, so I need to be up until at least then just to take it. And then will probably be awake for another half an hour as it kicks in.
3) Mary and Andrea don't know how to shut up and get the boys out of their stupid-arse rooms. Past 11, we are not supposed to be making noise beyond our rooms. It was 3.30 when the sound of Mary's LOUD-ARSE LAUGHS and Andrea's DITZY GIGGLE woke me the frak up.

Now, admittedly, I probably would have been awake out of pain soon after anyway.

But fer realz? Some of us have CLASS at 9 a.m., so would you kindly SHUT THE FRAK UP?

Oh, and kick the gods-dratted boys back into their own freakin' side of the hall! They have their own corridor!

Not so kindly,
An in-pain, pre-school blob of pain slash real person awake against her will,
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 08:53 No, I don't WANNA walk all the way to New Agriculture just to drop of two forms! Mehhh! But the Campaign turned Gaming on LJ? Epic winnn!
  • 09:24 I wants to watch Trueblood. Also, yeah, no New Ag. for me today, I'm going tomorrow after Plant.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I snoozed until 8.20, then scrambled into clothing and neatened up and packed up for 8.30 because I'm impressive like that. Met up with Batgirl in the corridor and we went on our way toward chemi.

She, as usual, had to meat Laura by Palmer. I just kept going. Met up with Jo in chemi and sat down in front row. For a sec. I had been concerned someone had taken my seat up front, but then I realized it was a friend and relaxed.

I ranted about my inability to sleep and sickness. I then felt far less angry at Mary and Andrea which was nice. Read through Contented Little Pussycat quickly. Batgirl bopped me on the head on her way up to her seat.

The lecture was pretty easy. I had to blow my nose through most of it, but I monitored when I did so. My coughing I couldn't control so much. It was slightly funny that during pretty much the entire lecture at least someone was coughing, and often if one person coughed loud enough the others felt brave enough to let out a few coughs.

I watched Professor Page. She's so, so tiny! Yet she has a similar physical presence to the Cavinator. But like the latter, she's not so great at gathering the attention of a rowdy class - another boy had to whistle from up back. She thanked him and smiled. I can tell now that she has a rather prominent overbite, and that's why her words are often formed strangely, especially with s-sounds. It had intrigued me for a while because it was different from a lisp.

Workshop I went down; Batgirl and Laura slipped into my group instead of going in the other group. I finished the work sheet well even without a calculator and pointed out that they had told us to answer to two significant figures, but that wouldn't require much math, and thought they might have been looking for decimals. They said they were. I got the hang of writing out cross and dot bonds and how many bonds / what type of bonds are present. Got it all right and off I went!

Hung out with Batgirl and Laura up in their seats on the right center of the room. They fed me crisps and crackers.

Went back for the second part of the lecture. It was still easy, just talking about ionic bonds. No bug dwak, as the Cavinator would say. It's slightly obnoxious to have friends in the class so early in the game because Batgirl and Laura are the type to be all set and ready BEFORE the professor has stopped talking, and I'm the type who takes her royal drag-arse time just so she can have a contrived word with the professor seemingly due to her own slow timing. But instead I always have Batgirl and Laura right in front of me when lecture ends, so even though I dawdle some, there are always a few students left talking to the Professor and the other two tugging me out. I reluctantly leave. I really like Professor Page's aura. She smiles easily, can joke with herself, and is all-round pleasant.

Met up with Spork (previously Piotr from Poland) and Jo. Laughed about how when three of us are together we're 1/3rd of the ecology major. We chatted and joked for a while, then Batgirl and I went back for lunch. It was pathetic. We came back up and I worked in her room. I felt too yuck to walk all the way to New Ag even as she had drawn me a beautiful out-of-scale map that we joked around with.

Instead I stayed in her room reading slowly and being sick. I didn't get much done today. It's a bit rubbish. So tomorrow I'll have to go to Plant Diversity, have a practical, come back for lunch, go drop off my forms at New Ag, and come back to go to town with Batgirl. Then back here for some work. I'm getting into it, though, which is nice.

I'm in bed instead of watching a movie with the others. Mary is playing Family Guy. I've taken my pre-sleep pain killer already so that's kicking in. Think I'll write for a bit and then read before I fall asleep. Hoping I can make it through the night tonight!