October 16th, 2008

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Catch Up, Hit Down

Alright. So. From the beginning!

Monday I woke up and went to chemistry. Batgirl (Lora) was sick and texted Laura that she wasn't coming, so Laura sat with me up front. I took notes and all. Professor Page at last actually told students up in back to stop talking. She did so quietly but with presence. It made me smile and reminded me of a certain someone with a similar role. Although, P. Page said, "It's a hell of a lot easier" and I giggled, because she said hell and I'm immature like that. But mainly because it was a reality check of, "Kiwi, just because the chemistry's easy does not give you permission to go into Kiwiland and compare teachers." So I 'woke up.'

After chemistry I came back. Batgirl and I did our washing. We joked around with Mike. He now loves hugging me given that I'm so short and he's so tall. He calls me his "little lesbian." It reminds me of Korkor, but I no longer have crutches to beat anyone with. Nor do I want to. Giggles. I hung around and stuff was done and my clothes didn't get very dry so I hung them up everywhere.

Tuesday I woke up for Plant. Our lecture is now in Harborne, which is nice. When I blew my nose before class I followed it with, "Apologies, I'm training part time as a fog horn" and made the professors laugh. I listened to the lecture but it was mainly on binomial nomenclature and other boring stuff. Off to practical with a break in-between. At first we followed around a man who had never spoken to a class before. He spoke about tropical plants and carnivorous plants but focused too much on details and not enough on general information. Then we had Roni, who can't hear very well. At least he gave some good information. He has a plant encyclopedia in his brain. Then we went up to the herbarium with Sue and I listened and took notes. Mentioned afterward having gone to Arnold Arboretum with Watsonii and getting to see the herbarium there. Sue was impressed that not only had I been there but that there were some plant geeks around again.

I met an older woman who travels in--her oldest child is 13. She admires her father fiercely and told me all about his role in conservation. She agreed to give me some information about the conservation groups in the area; they always love volunteers, especially young ones. We inspected plants as I walked back. When I got to Whiteknights House she introduced herself as Pip and I as Kiwi. We split ways and I endorsed my checks, then came back home.

I was really knackered. I kept almost falling asleep on Batgirl's bed. After a while I told her I was just going to scamper off and take a nap. I got into bed probably a bit before four but took forever getting to sleep because I stubbornly refused to turn off my mind. I woke to the fire alarm, as I mentioned, and stumbled down the stairs. Went to dinner. Came up and did stuff.

There was a theology debate going on in Alyshia's room. Sarah was sitting in the doorway. We're really sick of all the philosophy and theology debates that go on just because they're in times we're supposed to be doing something else. We were supposed to be watching The Lion King! But instead we had two people fiercely fighting for the existence of God and how people who get raped didn't pray hard enough and how evil is around because of free choice, and bla bla blah we were sick of it. So we compared toes and giggled a lot and rolled around and danced through the corridor. I can take a lot of deep discussion. With open minds. There were not so many open minds in the room. It's like arguing with a brick wall, and a particularly uninteresting and uncolorful one badly placed in a landscape at that. Now, I like the people! Well. At least one of them. But just because I like them doesn't mean I want to talk Christian beliefs 24/7 when I could be watching THE LION KING.

Eventually I went to bed. Woke up today snoozing, didn't take a shower, down for too-sweet toast. Off to Exploiters and Exploited. Batgirl surprised me on the stairs. She sat in her place up back and I sat down front, was then pushed over a few seats by a four-group who didn't want to split up (and, uh, no one wants to sit up front anyway). I realized I have just as much a fear of sitting up with Batgirl in the back and missing stuff as she does of sitting down front with me and being so close. It put things in perspective.

The lecture went well. I took notes and blah blah. Headed off to AMS building and was introduced to a few people. Jillian, who walks with the walking sticks because I think she got hit by a car or some other accident and has mental in her bones, two Emmas (one being the tall girl I walk around with a lot), Pip, Jon, and there's another girl who sat next to Jillian. Can't remember her name. Jillian, Pip and I headed off to do our Cole Museum Quiz which, as I thought, was really just a multiple choice type thing about stuff in the museum that we would correct on our own from Blackboard. But I am silly and worry over nothing.

I walked back and hung around. Fell asleep on Batgirl's bed again and I honestly don't know when I was awake and when I was asleep, because I had a dream that she planned to write on me and then Mike lay down on me so I obviously wasn't actually awake, but when I 'woke up' she had drawn fish on me. I think I was awake for some of it though. It was strange and funny. They laughed at me for sleeping like a salmon with my hands under my body all stream-lined. I sleep funny when I'm not in my bed, especially when I'm in someone else's area. Either all curled up or streamlined.

Came back and did some work with my iPod. Watsonii replied to my email! It was great! She even signed it K. (Quince)Watsonii and I just adored it. I hopped around my corridor telling everyone my botany instructor had replied to me and told me she was interested in my plant geekery and that weren't Brits interesting? and was I making any friends? and the students were the same as ever. I skipped around, did more work, and emailed Attiya (old boss at NCAS tutoring/mentoring).

Went back to Batgirl's room and we joked about her keeping her window open. She said sometimes she liked to hang by her feet and I said, "What, like Batgirl?" and she said, "Oh, yeah, you should call me that." I told her what a mistake she had just made in saying that. I explained the story of Snoopy's nickname about how a girl in my maths class in 8th grade had once said, "Kiwi, you give everyone else nicknames but I don't have one. You should give me a nickname!" and how I had called her Snoopy, and from that day forth, she had been Snoopy to me through our long and close friendship. So I will not be surprised if Batgirl gets many variations of the name through time. Anyway, we went off and tormented the hall. Did ding-dong-ditch and ran away. At one point I ran too hard and ran into a door. The same one Batgirl had previously thrown an apple at, and it had burst. We laughed and ran around. I went back to work.

We watched the Lion King in Sarah's room. Sarah and I knew all the lines and sang together. It was so funny. We joked about how many times we'd seen the movie and how dorky we were. I liked it better at the end when most of the others had left. Previously Ben had been sitting close to me. His breath smells bad, he doesn't smell very good, he looks at me strangely, and he kept coughing into his hand and then like wiping it on my duvet. I wouldn't mind a sick person on my duvet ordinarily (Batgirl, for instance, as she's sick like the rest of us) but he's just in other ways pretty nasty. And sexist, even when he's not joking. I don't know. I just don't particularly fancy him.

I came back here afterward and read an entry by Dave, Snoopy's ex-girlfriend. It just annoyed me. He doesn't seem to take responsibility for very much. I'm ashamed to have ever respected him. We worked as a team to try to help Snoopy. I read her entry afterward, and her reply. I then said some nasty things with some swears as a comment to her entry. In support of her, of course. It just makes me feel a little nasty to say such things. I just always get the feeling that everything he says blames Elizabeth for all that went wrong with their relationship and I'm like, grrr WTF, I watched it all. I'm sure I missed pieces, but I was pretty observant. I could tell when Snoopy was starting arguments with him or acting childish or her other defense mechanisms, and it usually didn't start until he had already said something that would piss her (and often me) off. And his strange stoicism in combination with his emotional nature that he so detested in himself, and was so ashamed of. Whatever. I was just irked by all of it. To hear an entry that Dan went into Snoopy's store, and then so soon after she had to deal with stupid Dave drama, it was just ick. Glad she had Kai and Caitlin and others around.

So yeah. Now I'm here. I have stuff to do tomorrow. Finish my Exploit notes. Have to get my forms done up for Enviro in Practice, which I have at 2. Need to take a shower.

I'll probably put up a to-do of homework soon just because it helps me to have it somewhere besides my own TDL, where I can go cross it out online and know that if I don't get to it others can see.
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The Cavanagh Woods

I had a strange Aggie dream last night, only it wasn't real Aggie 'cause there were people from all over and a lot of the regular Aggie people weren't there.

I visited there for something, and everyone was outside. I guess they were preparing for a big play that was going to be happening soon. Cavcreature was distant with me so I raised an eyebrow but hitched up my skirt and moved on. A friend of mine was with his dog and for some reason he was so hot he jumped in the pond. The dog followed. After a long time my friend resurfaced and I helped him out of the water and through his heaving. The dog scrambled right out and, if I remember correctly, sort of talked.

Then there was talk about the play and we were in a house with my grandparents (Grampa & Memere). Only they weren't acting so kind. Grampa was reading and Memere was cooking. I asked if I could have some of the drink that was in the fridge and some of the crackers on the counter; she said no and something else that I can't recall. I got the scent of some evil junk going on. Then we were outside on Aggie grounds again, my grandparents gone and a whole bunch of other people around. I think I was with Arah and a boy. We were against some other kids, although none of us knew what we were doing.

They kept spouting off some prophecy they were trying to follow. It sounded peculiar to me. I stole one of their stomach-packs and got it to our team. Arah and the boy held them off by throwing darts at them and I got the flashlight. We had a few good vs. evil speeches between bouts of running. When it was dark and I was nearing the woods that looked like a building almost from Ferry Beach, I stopped and turned. They really were fighting back. Darts were throwing, although no one let me throw any. (I think they were afraid I would hit well. Their aim was all a bit off.) One boy fell down and started saying the prophecy again, something about their manager being taken and what to do--what they supposedly had to do as members of the play.

I stopped them all and looked at the boy. "What if YOU'RE not the one who is supposed to do that? What if it's supposed to be someone else?" He looked at me with confusion. I looked around and realized I was seeing well in the woods, that I didn't fear them. The others were shaking and looking around with varying degrees of fear.

"Who is your manager?" I finally asked. He blinked in confusion, assuming I had known, and then said in a bemused fashion, "Mrs. Cavanagh." I growled. I picked up my bag in a hurry, grabbed the darts and the flashlight, and ran before any of them could catch me. I was so overrun with emotions. I had to go into the woods and get Mrs. Cavanagh back, and the others were just going to slow me down.

I met some strange obstacles. There was a gate with paint by a tree, and the number 5 written above a piece of blank canvas. I remembered, suddenly, the V that Mrs. Cavanagh and I had both had on our foreheads when we were younger. I painted a V and the gate disappeared. I kept running. I got to a place with five babies of varying ages. I took the oldest and put her in a crib, then the youngest. The three in the middle I lay in a dark area and covered. I said a prayer for them and kissed each on the forehead. I tried to get through the door but couldn't. When I looked to the right I saw a large U and two O's. I took them from the wall and lay them in a corner with some candles, covering them and singing a song for them as well. I got through the door.

I kept running and finding supposedly random things. I had to play and sing Amazing Grace on a guitar in front of fake church people. Just strange stuff that I knew to do.

I kept running until I got to an ominous looking church, and I screamed. I knew she would be in there. I kicked open the door and ran through the dark, not caring that hands and fingers were trying to grab at me from under the seat or that there were judgmental eyes glaring at me from the walls. It didn't matter to me. She was at the back of the church tied up in a ball and gagged.

I cried as I removed the gag and took out a cloth to clean her up. I untied her and she could only loosen enough to fall onto me and cry and shake. I gave her the cloth for her tears and held her as she cried, rocking some as if she were a child. When she was done she barely managed to sit up with her cramping muscles and lean against the wall.

I told her I would go find something that would roll in the back room, because I had yet to come across a church that didn't have some sort of rolling-mechanism object inside. I didn't have to leave her for I discovered the altar was on wheels. I helped her get in and informed her how scary it would be to get down the aisle, but I would be there for her and we could wait outside the church until she was strong enough to walk with me. She nodded and I saw a few more silent tears. I waited until she said we could go before I started pulling her behind me, taking the blunt of the grabbing hands and cold looks. She held together in a ball and I kept one hand on hers as I pulled with all my might.

We got to the door and I helped her out. When a priest at last appeared I kicked him in the chest and sent him sprawling, then closed the door on a few of the hands. She fell against the wall and slid down. I wrapped my jacket over her and told her it would be OK now, I knew these woods and these trees. They wouldn't hurt us.

I stayed with her for a while, until she looked stronger, and asked if she wanted to go back. I led the way. She did some of the activities for me--she sang a better song with the guitar, she held and stroked the babies, and a few other things. When we emerged from the woods back at the building there was a group of people waiting. They ran to her to check that she was OK. A man came and got her to lean against him. I slipped away sending her my love.

The next evening there was the play and I watched an assortment of kids and adults play parts. I watched her carefully giving cues from the wings and smiled to see her so normal. By the end of the play she came on stage with the others and sang a funny song. I cheered and danced from my hidden corner. When it was over I went backstage to congratulate my friends. I began to head out. She caught me by the door and even though she couldn't speak to me, I don't know why, she grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. I kissed her cheek and ran back into the night, into the woods I loved.

So. Yes. I'm a bit sick of creepy-arse dreams!
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NaNo Prep

So I realized today that my layout randomly decided to die.

And, in preparation of November, I picked up a new one at freelayouts!

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Spontaneous Dance Party

I want to be joining the spontaneous dance party in the corridor, not sitting in here beginning to work. But I feel so behindddd. So I have no choice.

I'm going to change my icons (probably) and then set out to work.

At least tomorrow's Friday and I only have to deal with a lecture, because I have no practical tomorrow! Epic.

Even if it is The Living Cell. With a professor who does not interest me aaaaall that much...