October 11th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Speaking to the Mirror

Apparently people were worried I had meningitis when I posted that I was locking myself in a dark room because of the glaring sun in my room.

I giggled to at least know it was people who hadn't been in close contact with me for so many years.

Most people who know me would just mention something along the lines of, "Oh Kiwi, you and your endless tiff with the sun!"

Also, apparently irritability comes with meningitis. And I'm wondering, how would I know if it's meningitis-inspired irritability, ANYWAY? Just because it seems that I am a cranky kiwibeast WHATEVER the illness--if I even have an earache, I could potentially growl you out of my queendom.

I am cranky because every other moment I have to blow half of my brain into a tissue, and every half an hour I have to produce a lung from my heaving throat. I would raise an eyebrow if someone wasn't a bit less than an amiable collection of happy cells at moments like these.

So! There, giggles, a sick update.

I think I am beginning to understand why Lora and Sarah enjoy laughing at me when I'm cranky. My phrasing certainly grows quite strange?

Call out to sophomore Kiwi! Hey you, you there, I know you'd like talking to me. Go do your history homework, you loon. Come talk to me when you're done and please glare at me until I've typed up my notes and been a good sick little Kiwi. A kick to the shins might be in order. I trust you to know how to needle me into it! Love you, and please tell junior and senior Kiwis to stop freaking out--it will all be good, it will all be great, although they'll be a minute late...smiles. Send one to Cavcreature, please, she will note the eye contact.

Alright. I'm done talking to myself through the ages on livejournal. I'm going to go have a private conversation with all of my selves, because goodness, they're a funny lot! (Also, little little Kiwi is chasing an invisible butterfly while jumping on my bed. Awwr. She is precious.)

My imagination is keen, sick or tired or practically perfect in every way (thank you Steelebeing for the wonderful phrase).
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I updated my Facebook for National Coming Out Day. Remembered that last year or the year before I made up all these ribbons and messages and had people talk about it all over campus and was a Big Kiwi Activitist. And how this year I have locked myself in my room with a sign on my door that says I don't exist.

My inbox has zero messages because I made it through them all! Yay!

And I have showered.

That's about it for today.

I need to do my washing and loads of other stuff, but I'm so outttt. Lora came and scratched on my door to introduce me to her friend Liam and I was like, "wibblewibble, SICK!" and she felt bad and was like, "Awwwwr, no Subway for tea?!" and I whined, "But I wannnnnnt Subway for tea! I just can't be bothered to walk all the way to get it..." and she suggested, "Well, what if Iiiiii picked some up? Would you have Subway for tea then?" So I got all excited and exclaimed, "Eiiii if you got two of your smamiches, I would totally pay you back for one! It was so good!" and then we talked about which sandwich and laughed. So I met Liam in my gross jammies with my dry red nose and inability to speak, and they wandered off.

I love Lora, haha. We joked and it was great fun.

I can't believe it's half three. And that the sun is up outside my window. I keep thinking it's nighttime, which is really weird.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Coming Out

Taken from my Sheroes post in response to Manteli's National Coming Out Day Thread:

I particularly like my status update. "Kiwi is gay! Happy National Coming Out Day! (I am not gay over being sick, but I am also not sick of being gay! Big smile.)"

Uhm. This one time I got a crush on a girl, and I was like, "Hey Mum. If I told you were I might be bisexual, what would you say?" from the bottom of the stairs. And she, from the sink, was all like, "I would say, 'Welcome to Life,'" and I was all YAY but then went back up to the Intertubez 'cause it wasn't exciting anymore.

And then and then and then. I only ever got crushes on girls. And suddenly I was a lesbian, and everyone just knew almost without my telling them. It was just POOF I'm out of middle school, I'm a lesbian!

And then this other time I was in the car with my father on the way home from a Halloween party and he turned to me (big no no while driving!) and was like, "So, you know how you're a lesbian?" and I was all, "Yeaaaah?" and he replied, "Well, I think that's OK." And I just laughed and was like, "OK!"

And thennnnn this other time I was talking with my brother and I was out and he was like, "Wellll OK but you're still an idiot!" and I was like, "Yes, I love you too!" and then we like blew each other up in a video game, and it was true sibling love. And now we talk about hot girls all the time.

Then! This other time I was talking with my chemistry teacher in the library and was telling her this story. Story: Once upon a time I went on a field trip to a play with my GSA, and I was with KorKor who was flamingly stereotypically gay. And he looked at me and said, "You're such a cute little lesbian!" and I was all offended over being called Cute and Little. And then he tried to hug me, and I beat him up with my crutches because I was also a cute little handicapped lesbian. So that was the time I met Kory and beat him up. And then I looked to my chemistry teacher after saying so and mentioned, "Oh. I just, like, came out, didn't I?" and she was amused and agreed I had.

Then there was that time at Uni we were discussing hot celebrities and they were talking about a girl from a movie and I was like, "Ohhh she had a nice butt." And Juliette was really drunk but was like, "What else do you like?" because she had guessed I was Teh Gay. So I hollered, "I like trees!" and she was all, "Nooo I mean what other celebrities?" and I remarked that I thought Kate Beckinsale in leather was HOT. So then it was out that I was gay, but basically uninterested in dating/sexuality in general.

There. I'd say that's the majority of my funny coming out moments.

Giggles at them all.

Anyway! I know you're sick of me, but I'm wondering: do any of you want my uni address? Because if you do, I can make a friends only post with it!