October 10th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Sick and Friend

I am sick. My nose is clogged up and the left side of my throat hurts. Silly throat and it's I'm-going-to-pick-a-sideness.

I did the Sambucol and vitamin again today. Hope I can work through this quickly. At least it's almost the weekend. I would like to get over the worst of it before next week starts, because next school week will actually be potentially tricky.

Also. I have The Living Cell with Sarah! Which is potentially scary, 'cause she's really clever and all, and I'm...not so much? But I probably won't see her much because I'll be up front and most people don't like to sit up front, apparently. Dunno where she likes to sit.

But yes, out of our four 9 a.m. classes each, we actually have one together on Fridays!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I woke up this morning, didn't shower, didn't breakfast. Lecture with Sarah and a fellow ecology girl. Professor played Muse when it was spot on 9 to get people into the classroom and it was a gigglefest.

He's sort of hard to follow. Sometimes he just talks to himself. I was good because I already knew most of the terms, but when it comes time for me to actually learn stuff it will be tricky. The Living Cell. I should survive, though. At least 10% marks just for showing up for two discussions, and practicals every other week--meaning every other Friday I have only a two-hour lecture. Epic win.

After lecture I am back and putzed around. Lunch with people. Then off to my tutor meeting. I actually took out my iPod for once. I love walking to the beat of my iPod. I was so in-the-moment. It was beautiful.

I met Laura (Lora's best friend) at Lyle Tower and we found our way upstairs to the locked door. Mark let us in. I knocked over the penguin door-stopper on my way in and Mark teased me. I laughed and people blamed it on my sickness. We joked about the Freshers' Flu.

He gave a talk that was pretty uninteresting, although funny. He still reminds me of David Tennant. Yes, I have Doctor Who for a Personal Tutor. Rock on, haha.

After that we went outside and were called in one at a time for short meetings. Only six of us anyway. I sat around miserable without tissues and then mooched someone's paper towels. Spoke with some second- or third-years who confessed that Mark is just about the best personal tutor.

I went in and he was impressed with how well I knew myself. He asked me the regular questions. "Is there any secret disability you are keeping?" Yes. "What is it?" Ah, I have to tell you now? He laughed. I told him the hip replacement for physical and the test anxiety for psychological, although it stemmed from the hip replacement. When he asked me if there was anything in the future I saw that could at all tamper with studies from my personal life, I said that I get depressed sometimes when my mobility goes down and it affects my view of my future life (mainly in the colder days) and that my family is overseas, so the 3,000 miles will make every problem they experience seem worse to me from my distance. I told him I didn't think it would affect much. I joked with him about a few things.

At one point during the group meeting I was looking at the books. He said, "They're not that interesting. You can borrow some some time." I told him after my private meeting that he had made a mistake in offering that, because I would probably be back to borrow some at some point. He laughed. He remembered our interview and that I had been in a wheelchair and we had gone for a walk. He was glad I chose Reading over East Anglia. He thinks I'll do well.

I walked to the bank on a cloud, just listening to my iPod and stopping to watch whatever I want--bird in a tree, squirrel in the grass, the way my shoes sat naturally when I stood. In-the-moment fun stuff. I saw Annabelle on her way to the station. I chatted with Mary and Hawley on their way back home from town. I went into the bank and joked with the two ladies working there--one beautiful older woman with a similar appearance and accent to one Maggie Smith and another younger girl with piercings and a dashing smile.

I got a home student account! The younger girl called down and the person in management had apparently changed her mind on the policy. So I get the card and the better deal and the savings account online with better interest! It's great!

I walked home so incredibly happy. Came back, upstairs for a while, down for dinner, acted crazy and freaked people out but it was fantastic, joked with Sarah on the elevator ride up and created another inside joke, and came for some writing and such.

Did more work on the high school novel. Added a scene that was needed that I had missed. Working on the next chapters that include the rave I've been researching. Possibly thought of a book title! All is good there. Did that while watching Empire Records on the other side of my screen.

When that ended I went in and watched Sex and the City with Mary and a group of others in the other room. I commented a lot. The movie didn't really do much for me, but it reminded me first of Mum and watching it with her from time to time on school nights or weekends curled up in her big bed with (sometimes) some homework that was done or yet to be completed. Second of New England snow, which I at present miss even though it isn't even winter yet. I just remembered how much of it I'll be missing. Remembered how I spent my last New Year's in, and how it wasn't very pleasant. Then thought of my New Year's with Snoopy and a few of my better ones with New England environment and smiled. Funny that a New England winter can make me feel homesick when so many other thoughts haven't. I think a New England winter-time, especially holiday-time even as I'm not a big Christmas person, will always draw my heart back.

Now I should do some good stuff but I feel sick and I can't breath through my nose. We're all suffering together, though, so it makes it a bit more OK!

May put on another movie and work on writing a bit more because tomorrow a load of people are going to Oxford but I'm staying home, so I'll do some homework and email catch-up tomorrow. It's a relief to have the bank account at present out of the way, even though it'll be a while until that's up and running. I don't think I'll bother with Lloyds. I don't want to have a cash point so close to me and NatWest is really much better in my eyes anyway.

Yay! I keep having wonderful "I'm in university" moments when it isn't even anything in particular, just the fact that I can stand up in my wonderful Kiwi room after writing and thinking about homework, and hop into someone else's room for a group movie.