October 8th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Teeheehee. Having a crush is fun.

She had me show her my nerdy chemistry notes, she showed me about organic chemistry early, she let me yap on about plants, we went and found people, and then the two of us sat in the corridor together and made fun of Ben for being a woman-needing man.

He told a woman joke. We groaned. When Juliette came out I said, "What are you doing out of the kitchen? Make me a sandwich, bitch!"

And she looked really confused and said, "I don't have any bread!"

Sarah and I broke out laughing. We rolled around on the floor for minutes just laughing.

We have continuously giggled over this, especially since Sarah at one point said, "I ain't got no bread!" all funny-like.

(Also, it is hilarious for us one for the moment, but also because, wtf, as if Juliette had mayo or anything else to make a sandwich on her, either? Giggles. And she had thought I said, "Get out of the kitchen." Silly!)

I didn't do any plant work today. I should have. I have three things left on my immediate TDL. Will have to add to this.