October 7th, 2008

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Is it a bad sign that I've already sent an email to my kind chemistry teacher to thank her for a painless first lesson and wish her luck with first-week organization, and that I already got a kind email back?

Guarding future pain, I am not replying.

I will just smile at her extra wide come Monday.

But yes. ONE DAY into class, and I already emailed a professor one of my Kiwi emails.

Also, my Plant Diversity professor is just an English version of my old English teacher Mr. Dufault. Down to the pipe and corny but wonderful jokes.

I laugh.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Mrs. Cavanagh just sent me a two-sentence email. Literally.

"It's mid-term here already. Hope your classes are going well."

And I know I sound like a whiny brat, but if any of you understood what short emails do to me... I saw the email and the color drained out of me. Having read it again with my blood circulating again, I can tell the surprise that's in her first sentence and the honest hope in the second.

Still, my body still feels funny and frightened.

I shot off a reply right back because I'm typing up the chemistry notes right this moment, which amused me.

My chest and stomach are going crazy and my head feels funny and faint. WTF? This is not right. What is going on with me?

Stomach, good green, I am going to shank you. Ease up!

ETA - I just had to put her photos face down on my shelf to keep working properly. I am impossible to please. I don't want an easy class, I don't want it to hard. I don't want no emails, I don't want emails that are too short.

What inspires people to try to please me at all? I'm obviously just a brat.

I think people should give up. At present I have.


AND WTF LIFE, STOP THROWING CHEMISTRY AND MEMORIES AT ME! How Could Anyone playing when I check my messages, Carole King when I get my chemistry professor's email, "Chemistry" by Kimya Dawson playing, already doing chemistry notes...

I DON'T NEED THE REMINDER. I am going crazy. Someone please, PLEASE set me out to pasture. I am a horse with a broken leg in the olden days.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teacher's Pet, Groan

I think this is another record.

I went to the chemistry Blackboard to check through it and saw that the document that was suppose dto be this past week's workshop worksheet was actually for week 11 with "Moles and Composition," including some [dreaded] organic chem.

So I sent off another email to Professor Page first apologizing for back-to-back emails and then informing of the problem.

I went over it seven times in word and then hid behind my hand when I sent it. I am secretly a five-year-old. Please ignore my existence. Back to work.

ETA - I checked again and it had the right description underneath, but the titling didn't match up, and it wasn't the question and answer set we had used in class which I had thought she was going to upload and and and...I got really nervous, and was all wibblewibble, and sent her ANOTHER email going "sorrysorry for so many emails ahhh confused by this Week system, i was expecting something else on Blackboard, if it's not right i hope i helped, if it IS right i'm going to be megamegamega embarrassed and i'm sorryyyyy, stillwishingyouwell." Only more eloquently and with grammar. But gehhh I was so nervous!

Dear Kiwi,

Calm your flustered horses down! Also, you are humorously appearing very Hermionish right now. If you would take a left to the left you would see that. So stop worrying about what all your professors are going to think about you, and stop being crazy.

A Saner Kiwi
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First Lectures and First Practical

I put on my TDL (to do list) "Livejournal entry about first lecture" so I'm knocking that one down since it's next on the list!

I woke up Monday morning at 7.30. I was in pain and tired because I had been cramping so hard the night before that I had been whimpering and Alisha came in with a hot water bottle and Juliette came in to check on me a lot. It as so cute. All my floormates cared so much! I got ready and went down to breakfast with Lora and the lot.

At about 8.30 we walked to Palmer and waited for Lora's BFF Laura (also the reason that Lora changed the spelling of her name). It was a girl I recognized as another zoology major and someone else who has Mark Fellowes as a personal tutor. We walked to the chem building and went to the lecture. I wanted to sit up front, so I sat with Leanne in the second row while Lora, Harry (who wasn't even in the class but was bored), and Laura went to sit in the middle-side.

The professor is really tiny! Dr. Elizabeth Page. She was sweet, though. Nice with passing out the Powerpoint notes. Made jokes aobut how people were guaranteed to be coming in late. Dealt with someone finding out he was in the wrong class 25 minutes in with both humor and compassion. A two thumbs up from me. She has a distinct problem with her speaking, but it is only endearing to me. She also helped write the book she uses as one of the major books in the class--although she says it is just fine to go through the class without a book. It's only 15 quid, too. $30 isn't too bad.

It was incredibly easy. I remembered sitting before Mrs. Cavanagh, back of the class chatting with my friends, learning it all. Everything in the packet for the next few weeks. It wasn't even necessarily more in-depth. I also knew about the atomic orbital shapes of atoms, which even the English GSCE or GCSE (can never remember which) knew, or at least some of them. I remembered drawing a really good example of a P orbital and Mrs. Cavanagh commenting on the paper with her nice script in red pen. I smiled to remember.

My hips both hurt a lot from all the stairs I've been doing. I promised myself I would not try to be a trooper and start using the lift as often as it was working. I thought, I'm in chemistry in university, I've grown as a person. I will do this. I kept my mind from consciously comparing Professor Page to Mrs. Cavanagh. I was pleased.

The work-sheet was incredibly easy. One look through the packet and I was able to do it all again, before most of the class. The back sheet I even took my time drawing and we all know I'm not quick with maths. I was comforted.

Still worried about exams, because I always am, but at least the first lecture was comfortable. I was in a lot of pain during the break. I felt old and fragile and remembered myself as a sophomore at the Aggie. I spent a lot of time remembering when there were little lulls or she had to repeat things.

I left with Lora and the others. We went to the NUS Extra place for Laura, the store for Lora (bought a muffin for 55p), and the bank for me. I stood in line forever to be told I couldn't get an appointment to set up an account until the next Monday at 3.30. I decided I'll have to make it to NatWest and set up an account there some time before then even if I can't get the student travel card because I'm technically international.

We went back to the dorm and I'm not entirely sure what I did. At night I got stuff from my TDL done. I let the others talk me into watching Dark Knight, which meant I didn't get to bed until 1 a.m.

I woke up today and took a shower. Got ready. Breakfast at 8.00, which my stomach still doesn't like. Found the URS building and a fellow ecology major who is tall and beautiful and actually reminds me of Professor Crowley from Organismal Biology. I still don't know the girl's name, I've just realized! Anyway. I sat right up front.

I don't remember the Professor's name, either, but apparently the class got dumped on him because the woman who normally teaches it is on maternity leave. He's in botany, as well, so he's not huge on plant diversity and taxonomy--he's big on the structure. So he'll have a lot of professionals coming in to lecture us. He told us we didn't need to take notes, but it helps me pay attention so I did. I also read The Contented Little Pussy Cat before class and meditated some.

He reminds me of Mr. Dufault. Just an English Mr. Dufault, with the smell of the pipe and the crude/cruel/corny jokes as well. He said, "That reminds me of an article I read on birth control pills the other day. Something about a 'misconception with birth control' and I thought, well, isn't that the point?" I laughed. He also called himself a cruel old git, which is definitely parallel to Duffie calling himself a mean aged man. Grins.

I walked with the girl to our 3-hour practical in Harborne. It was far too full because they had thought the class was supposed to be 40 people (also is supposed to be taught in spring term--they messed everything up!). We all fit in somehow. We were broken up into groups to go over four types of plants--the mosses/primitive whatevers, the ferns, the conifer types, and the angiosperms. Only the proper names for the groups that includes all of them. Gymnosperms, I think, not conifers. I'm too lazy/tired to bother remembering, haha.

I could barely hear the different people speaking with us. It was too loud. I didn't see anyone writing things down so I gave up. We basically just looked at the random plants and got facts thrown at us that I don't believe we're supposed to remember. I knew most of the terminology. I'll have to go through the packet and make a vocab. list of th eones I don't know/need brushing up on.

I walked back to Windsor in the beautiful rain, had lunch alone (loved getting to sit alone again), came upstairs and started working on emails and chemistry notes. Got Professor Page's email back and was really happy. Got Mrs. Cavanagh's and plummeted. Went back to work.

Down to the pre-dinner meeting with the 6th floor. We didn't get in trouble, just "reminders" about noise and stuff. Dinner they actually started checking access cards and put a "catered" sticker on it, which is crap. The food was horrible. I was a cranky snarky mess and poor Juliette doesn't understand sarcasm, so everything I said was a stretch. (I don't know if you all have witnessed me cranky in real life. I just insult myself lot, really, and get completely sarcastic. My friends used to laugh at my crankiness.) Lora and Sarah and Alisha loved it.

Up the lift, back to chem notes. I typed up 7 pages including the powerpoint stuff with notes so it's all in one document I can search for future studying. I sent those emails and took my chem quiz--got 17 questions out of 17 on Blackboard! 2 we hadn't even covered yet! I was pumped, because I was so nervous when I was taking it. I don't even know if it counts as a grade. I'm just crazy.

I went downstairs and watched pool. Put the strange powder stuff on my face like warpaint and tried my own game. I was actually not too bad! Matt was the one who kept scratching. I kept lining things up well, and I almost successfully did a chip on my first try ever! My aim was totally on most of the time, too. It was great. I've always been horrible before.

Tried Alisha's vodka drink and, as usual, detested it. But it's funny to see my trying them. I make very strange faces. Eventually came back up and have been working on stuff. Just dashed out into the hall and scared Juliette, made Sarah laugh, got Lora to fake kick me, slid down the wall and got, "Kiwi, you're not even drunk! You have no excuse!" to which I replied, "I am drunk on homework! It is the most horribly sick drunk you can be."

Now I'm back in here and about to check off another TDL thing! Yesss.
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