October 1st, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Go To Sleep, Tired Non-Drunken Kiwi

I don't even know what happened tonight.

One minute I was being productive and researching raving for my novel, and the next there's mass chaos and mayhem in the corridor. I can't even recall all the ridiculous things I've witnessed tonight.

Perhaps I'll write it up later.

Pretty much, my brain has exploded, and rainbow goo flew everywhere.

(Yes, my brain is secretly rainbow goo. No, you'd best not question it. Fact of life 'nd all.)

BeeTeeDoubleya, I am just at skilled at being stupid and unintelligible as the nearest drunk. I was also pushed into a wall (possibly accidentally).

Freshers Week, while wonderful, is entirely strange and foreign.

Nice night though! Wall and all. I've never been so closely associated with a wall at such great toppling speeds, and it turns out they're really quite supportive and understanding as long as you don't try to push their buttons by slamming your head into them. Which is the mistake I made, really, so I don't blame the wall at ALL for the pain it inflicted, because it was really well deserved. If I go smacking my face into things I suppose I have to be prepared for retaliation of sorts, in the form of major ouchies and possibly falling to (and becoming great friends with) the floor, which is really quite grounded and compassionate provided you have not FALLEN to it which, again, was entirely my mistake. I don't blame it at all for the rug burns, for that's really what one gets when one rolls around willy-nilly. It has to have some form of defense for stupid drunken falling people (and their sober Mother Hen friends, like myself).

That's enough random talk on the foundation of my hall, thank-you-very-much Kiwi, go to sleep.