September 30th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

A Wonderful Evening

I just spent many hours with these amazing people from my floor. We talked in the hall, the stairwell all sitting there being like, "auuuugh we're too lazy for six flights of stairs...," then at the bar (I can buy a good cup of lemonade for 35p! And crisps for 60p if I feel like splurging! Ahhah, solution), then back upstairs in the hall with some of us in our jammies again.

I introduced Truth and Lie, which was just 2 Truths and A Lie minus one of the truths, so we did it a bit like Truth Or Dare. I started us off and we went around. There were some really amazing secrets shared, and Kate and I shared our surgery stories, and it was all just really bonding. I felt so much freer to be myself and make friends without worrying so much about what I have to do.

Alisha and Laura gently teased me about how I'm starting to sound more and more British as it goes along, but how it's a nice and easy British that they like. They promised not to really rip me raw for it. They actually prefer it to Kate's Very American Voice, I've gathered. It's weird that I can't properly remember how I spoke before, though.

Alisha said, "You're like a sponge for accents, aren't you?" And when I did my Monty Python voice (I didn't bring it up! It was Kate!) they were all, "No, you really are British!" I just relayed that my father brought me up watching Holy Grail and I basically knew the whole script. They laughed.

It's also strange having the voice in my head speak in such a manner. Like, really strange. I wonder if I'll return to American this quickly when I'm home. Sure I'll get teased silly for that, too.

So yes, we all Stayed In to get a good nights sleep, yet we ended up chatting far into the night and now we're not going to get too much sleep at all. I apologized for chatting so heavily--we talked about abortion, adoption, the pill, boyfriends, superficial things, and loads more, and I really talked because they're interests of mine. Then the hip story is always a bit of a mouthful. They said they preferred someone a bit chatty, because they felt less awkward around someone who would speak. I think they're glad I'm opening up.

I also heard Kate and Alisha talking about me when I was coming back from the wash room, saying things like, "Yeah, she seemed a lot better at dinner. She was smiling and everything!" So I walked in front of the door on my way to my room and they said, "Oh, we were just talking about you" and I admitted that I had guessed. So it's neat and they all care about me.

I'm going to go head off to catch a wink, though, 'cause I've got my academic meeting tomorrow morning at 10 and I am going to try to get my zombie arse out of bed at 8 to get to brekky by 8.30 or so.

This is exciting again!