September 26th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Not Malcolm's

Sue and Kirsty saved me from Malcolm.

I'm staying over here. He'll pick me up tomorrow.

I get to sleep in Gareth's room. So strange I'll be sleeping here without him.

I have missed seeing him and them.

On the other hand, their dog is quite taken with me and freqently tries to board me--apparently he has never done this before, even when he was a puppy.

What is it with me and animals?
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Sue and Kirsty's

Last night I got onto the wireless from Gareth's room and that was rocking. Finished and emailed Mrs. Hoegler's letter. Chatted with Shayak and Brittles and others. No Skype talking. Felt horrible for going down to the wash room so often and flushing the loo. Sigh. I kept trying to press down the lid and cover the slits so it wouldn't make much noise. Silly girl. Also, I will miss the shallower bowls--all the toilet bowls here have been very deep.

I woke up when Kirsty was at the bottom of Gareth's stairs and whispered, "Think she's awake?" I jumped out of bed, breathed a few times, organized my clothes, and ran my fingers through my hair. She came up and hugged me and told me she was already a bit late for work, so she shot off after informing me I had to visit them and they had to visit me and I would have to call her once I got a mobile so we could trade numbers. That was nice. Hung around with Sue and she told me she hadn't even noticed I'd been awake, since she was so used to Gareth being up and about until 3. I was up and about until 2. (Had a bit of trouble sleeping because of the ticking clock, which keeps me awake anyway but also reminded me of Mrs. Cavanagh, and I didn't know how to turn off the nightlight and was too lazy to work it out.)

Sue was great fun. Malcolm came and was awkward. He's good at that. Kept saying, "You need a man in the house." I thought, "Yeah, like YOU need one in your pants..." but I guess a lot of women find it charming when men are all manly and I'll-do-everything and make-everything-right. But dear boy, if you can't open the door the way they have it set up, it means YOU need some fixing, and not that the door requires a man! Shakes head. He overstayed his welcome by plunking down in the chair and then demanding to see outside and see the work Sue has been doing. He looked at it all through the eyes of Needing a Man in the House. Well, excuse me, but I believe YOU'RE the one who left her to go gallivanting at a bar and texting random women. Perhaps your mobile Needed a Man too--or, just maybe, you epic fail at texting all by yourself and sent one of the messages to a random bar-goer to Sue! Silly dense man. She doesn't need you! She's better off without!

He drove me home and we had an awkward car drive with him asking after Sue. I could tell he wanted to ask about Trevor, the man who brought her roses, but thankfully he didn't. I wanted him to keep thinking he was the New Man even though she currently has no love interest.

So we're back here and I guess he's taking me to uni 'round noon, but I haven't the faintest idea of where to go so I guess I'll just have to figure it out. I don't know if he knows that we paid all of the money from my account, as well, so he's supposed to wire Nana's money in or something because otherwise I have nothing to live on or buy books with... But sigh, I have no idea. I don't know what's happening! I wish it were clearer. I'm basically just waiting for tonight. I'm not going to want to stay out too long because I am fiercely tired.

May nap before we start packing the car. Hope we can fit it into the small car and not have to take the Ranger. That'd be nice. Hour and forty minutes of driving. Wonder if I'll fall asleep. Drats motion fatigue again!
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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 19:31 I am staying over Sue and Kirsty's instead. This is excellent. Also, good food and good fun. My own teenage room! Sweeeet.
  • 05:09 Tiredly awaiting uni now. I should nap some time. Hope I don't stay out to late, and that everything gets figured out well.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I'm staying in for the evening to set up my room. A slightly daunting task but I hope I'll enjoy it.

My friend Kate went off for Quiz Night, but I'm not interested even without the ticket. Should have gone to 201 of one of the buildings on Whitenights to sign in but I'll do that on the morrow.

Little chilly in here so I'll get on with the room stuff.

It's dark outside and I can't believe the Aggie kids are less than a half hour out of school! This time thing will honestly drive me completely bonkers.

Music timmmmeeeee.