September 24th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


The last time I got up at an insane time to go be driven somewhere was for my hip replacement. And then I was drugged to sleep.

No drugging to sleep today! About 4 hours left in the country! Time to boogy.

Emailed Ms. Watson. Smiles.

I'll be in England the next time I come online, I hope! Unless there's downtime at the airport and WiFi. Giggles.

Text me until 8.30 a.m. EST, because it's the last texting I'll do for a while!

Temporary goodbye as I relocate, my friends! Off to catch my dream!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 00:11 Departure in 8 hours 20 minutes. Leaving the nest in 4 hours 50 minutes. Ohcrow, this is so HAPPENING!
  • 04:43 20 minutes until departure, around 4 hours until take off! Dances and prances around. I'll be in England tonight!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I had a nice ride in the car with Mum and Da on the way to the air port. Da and I lugged my stuff over to baggage and got it checked. No issue with the trunk, they didn't check the measurements, only the weight and it fit. Said goodbye to them before going through the metal detector. It took me two goes because I forgot that I was wearing a belt in my jeans under my PJ pants. I had a really strict woman as detector and it comforted me because she was still kind in dealing with me and she gave me a wry smile. The men working behind the X-Ray machine were really nice and joked with me. One of them made me step behind so I could wave to my parents. Another woman, strict also but with a thinner shell of a mask, laughed and harassed him.

I went on my way. Checked that I was at the right gate and waited. Texted with McSpleeny as I went through the process. Texted with Mum. Sent a text to Mrs. Cavanagh. Had a kind man guard my stuff as I skipped off to the wash room and made it back. Boarded, got a wonderful text from Andrew (previous codename: Ang) and we were off. I was between an elderly English woman and a young-ish American man. I was amused by how frequently I was judged by the color of my passport, but alas, I had two! Grins.

I actually slept on the ride. Finished Sapph's book and started Sold, given to me to read by Ms. Fraser. It definitely won't be a long read. The omlette-like-thing I was given for breakfast tasted like nothing, as did the potatoes and everything else. As did the egg salad sandwich (which reminded me of Mrs. Cavanagh and I smiled) and the brownies. It is astounding that all airport food can taste the nothing.

Got off, changed in the bathroom, followed my fightie friends towards baggage reclaim. Got mine off. Struggled for a bit using my pants to hold my trunk and then got a trolley. Pushed it out to Malcolm. He pushed it from there. We got the stuff in his convertible and drove off.

We had some talking on the way back. Pretty long drive. Giggled at the roundabouts and the narrow roads. 24 hour clock will confuse me until I get the hang of it. Can't believe I'm 5 hours ahead of my normal time. I'm tired, though, so I don't think jet lag will hit me too bad. I always have a whacked out schedule anyway so I never really notice.

I'm on his laptop currently because even though he gave me the old Dell powerplug, Aspen is not enjoying the networks available. The wireless one I chose that was unsecured is apparently a commercial one to try to get me to buy an Internet deal. Shrug.

So I'm here! Back in Chelmsford. It's nice. Tomorrow dining with Sue and Kirsty. At present trying very hard to keep my American "accent" because as terrible as it is, having an obviously fake English accent would be worse. Especially since I don't have a terrible American accent--no Boston or Southern, giggle. (Of course I don't mean any offence to those who have them! I actually think they're darling.)

Realizing now that I'm hungry but already told Malcolm I wasn't. Not comfortable enough with him yet to act homey. Wonder how tomorrow will go. So excited to get settled into uni on Friday!

Ms. Watson emailed me a two-liner that made me incredibly happy in response to the one I sent her. Might jot off an email to Mrs. Cavanagh with no expected reply. Grin.