September 23rd, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I love how I'll put something off forever, and then I just suddenly jump into it and boogie. And actually enjoy it. And I sit there going, "WTF? Pretty sure I was going to detest this." But I never seem to.

Because, now that I think about it, when do I fully detest ANYTHING? Even the job I complained about forever was not a complete heck-hole. Kit, after all, was a completely laugh.

Which reminds me that I have to visit them tomorrow for my check. Should remember to bring their office back.

Anyway, I have all the clothing picked. Most of it save my shirts and a few spare things like bras and a belt are packed away in space bags in the trunk with my Monty Python poster, my Rowe letters, some drawings for decoration, my Cavanagh cards (OK, so I can't part with them, and no matter what they'll be comforting to me). Chose not to pack a Safety Book. I'll have a library and friends (hopefully! grin) at my fingertips for reading. Sure if I really want a comfort book I can pick one up at a used bookstore somewhere.

Looks as though I'll fit one more medium spacebag in my trunk, and then I'll close it maybe with a few flat accessories and/or my tail. The rest of what I pack will go in the green suitcase that I haven't even taken out of the closet yet. I'm actually pretty impressed. That'll include my empty backpack, Athena's sweatshirt, my DVD case, possibly my laptop although I may just keep that in my murse, probably a little box that includes any jewelry/makeup I want extra (probz not, haha), and we'll see?

I've also realized I don't HAVE that much winter clothing. Like, the winter never bothers me, but I never dress specifically for it. I don't think I've had a pair of Winter Boots since I was a little chap. I've just used my regular sneakers, maybe an extra pair of loose-ankled socks. Then I just hit layers--muscle shirt, maybe long-sleeved, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and SOMETIMES a jacket. Pants I'll sometimes do jeans and then PJ pants OVER those, or I'll do skirts with leggings and leg-warmers. Hat, gloves, scarves--but honestly, more for accessory, haha.

I do want some kick-arse rainboots, though. Can't keep taking off my shoes to run through puddles ALL the time. Will have to add that to the list of things to buy. Like school supplies. Think I'll pack some pencils and pens. No point buying more of those when I have so many. Packing binders seems a bit pointless. Calculator? Guess so.

Huh. So close.

Although, tomorrow's outfit will probably be completely bland. Wednesday should be completely oddball. I'll probably realize Tuesday that there are some articles of clothing I would prefer to have with me, and just end up throwing them on. Who knows. I MAY end up in my warm winter cloak and McGonagall hat, looking like a teenage gay witch terrorist. It's a hit with the kids, at least. Would love to have my McGonagall hat for comfort reasons, since it's my hip-replacement, going-to-Rowe gift and has many memories and other reasons, but the only way to do that appears to be wearing it through the airport and that is just strange. I don't want to think about the number of looks I would get for THAT one, and totally wonder if there's a profile for "teenagers dressed as elderly characters with strange hats and cloaks with entirely out-of-character trunks."

Because, y'know, I'd hit that profile...

Trying to go to bed for 4 a.m. Will be able to sleep 'til noon if I want.

Shaya tomorrow some time after 4 in town center tomorrow, 'til 7.00 in the other town center, then lunch with Grammie some time after 7.15 p.m. I guess finalizing my packing in the evening and then going to sleep to wake up insanely early in the morning to go to the airport.

Flight to England, picked up by Malcolm, back to his house for a good sleep, shopping on Thursday, dinner with Sue and Kirsty Thursday evening, Friday I guess dealing with finances and lots of crummy stuff, and Friday evening finally in the dorm and at Reading with some international kids and eiiiii!

I'm so close.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

End for the Night

The trunk is packed 'cept for the toiletries I have to add once I'm done using them, and I'm having a shower tomorrow, so that's waitin'.

Two medium space-bags of stuff + a pile of thin shirts + corset (rolled) + two skirts and random stuff = clothing left to be put in the green suitcase.

Can't believe how close I am to done. Have to make sure all my CDs are burned. Finish getting DVDs together. Burn stuff. Wipe stuff from the computer. Still. Whoa.

Basically 24 hours!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Random Thoughts

It is comforting to know that whenever I can't sleep in England I will know there will be friends on to talk to.

It is less comforting to know that all my old friends will be online when I should go to sleep.

My can-opener also has a bottle opener.

This is a tad useless to me, but I think future friends will find it handy.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:58 I be procrastinating a heck of a lot. Faeries, you're going to make me cry. I honestly need more than one outfit for uni? More than PJs?
  • 20:07 @thinkingxbeing I miss you! Do you ever Skype? Because as of Wednesday afternoon I will be on another continent!
  • 20:40 Packing: a billion. Kiwi: Zero. Why is a verb beating me to oblivion?! T'isn't fair! Waaaah, time to put on Harold and Maude.
  • 22:48 @phyrablaze You should be a twitter freak just like me. And be a freak. On Twitter. Gigglesnort, get some friends on!
  • 04:48 Is done with packing for the night. Some more left for tomorrow, but the hard part is done!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Today was lovely. I got to see Merf, Lisa and Sharon and Kit (many hugs and begging to keep in touch), Val, Shaya, animals, and my grandmother.

Got gas. Followed Val to his barn. (He cut his hair! I love it!) We were at the barn together. Much Kiwi-bonds-with-animals time. Then Kiwi-bonds-with-another-animal-named-Shaya time while watching riding. Drove back to parking lot, long goodbye with Val, proud of him for much coming out, always pushing him for more since he seems to want it so bad. Off to library. Exchanged books, read inscriptions, talks, admired, sang, hugged.

Dinner much eating. Goodbyes. Mum sick. Last minute packing at home.

Now I just have to organize my backpack. I found LOTS of drawings from my freshman/sophomore years. All the old pictures I remembered but didn't know where they were! A letter from Dana! I packed them all too so my dorm will be very Kiwi-through-the-ages. I will have a lot of stuff.

Still don't really have a jacket. Looks as though I'll have to go to a second-hand store at some point and maybe pick one up. Only a few hours left before I leaaaaave. Geebs!

(And I did pack a comfort book. The Contented Little Pussy Cat, because it's small and if I read it when I'm stressed, it gets me sane again.)

I'm tired but too excited to sleep. And nervous. Packing is scary.

Organizing my backpack now. It'll really just be my laptops and some forms, so on the off chance that I can't bring it on as a carry on (if they make my purse be my carry on) I can stuff the stuff in my purse and stuff my empty backpack in the green suitcase.

I will be in England tomorrow night!

Feeling very in touch with my junior-year self right now. But she keeps babbling about the same woman. Silly Kiwi.