September 18th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


It is relieving to not be the only one thinking, "Good gods, if Uni. Reading sucks, I'm going to cry."
I have all Sailor Moon. Big dorky smile.
I wrote my letter to Kristin. Now I have to send it off. That's always the trickiest part with me. Think I'll use one of my National Geographic envelopes.
I have finished two books within a short time and that is happy.
I am reading The Power of Now, and it is excellent. My father highlighted in pink. I'm underlining in pencil and leaving notes.
I got I hope around 7 hours last night, which isn't terrible but isn't fabulous.
I should go to sleep early tonight but I'm probably not going to because I need to get stuff done after meeting with Ann because tomorrow I have Sapph and then I'm leaving to Western MA. So I need to do laundry and stuff, so that when I'm back for Monday I can pack.
Holy crow, when I come back from the weekend I will have two days to pack.
This is really happening.
Holy. Crow.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:01 Done! Home time!
  • 17:02 Also, possibly no Internet, depending on if my house is still going crazy.
  • 22:20 @daheefanel That made me smile so wide. Thank you for the smile! PPP is such a lovely fake organization!
  • 09:08 I am back at work! But I have many scampp replies to respond to for when I'm home, and so I am happy. Reminders of home!
  • 09:13 By the way, the woman who works at Stonybrook did medical billing for a summer ten years ago and made $11/hr. Yes, I know I'm ripped off.
  • 10:09 I went into the bathroom for a cry with the lights out. I want to be home. I don't know why I do this to myeslf, why I email Her.
  • 10:19 I hate seeing that name in my inbox. I haven't seen it in a long time. I don't like this. I could use some hugs.
  • 10:54 I sent a reply with no expectations of a response, as stated in email. I'm OK now. Anyone have any ice for my heart? Think I strained it.
  • 10:53 Now I'm observing my thoughts. I'm doing OK, I'm really doing OK. When I separate to observe I remember I am not my thoughts.
  • 11:10 I am escaping the Slump and making it toward The Waiting Place. I love speaking in Dr. Suessian. Need more Suess books!
  • 12:00 Shashi poked me in the shoulder very hard. Ouch, Charlie bit me! That really hurt, Charlie! It's still hurting!
  • 12:32 Sometimes, they are just far too easy to please. Probably because my job is too easy. Which makes it hard.
  • 13:05 We're having a lunch "group powow" over in the kitchen. I am worried. Go away, worry, free, off into the world!
  • 13:43 It was a party for me! Awwwr!
  • 15:17 They're sending both my passports in the mail today! I am officially a dual citizen! Go meeee!
  • 15:58 Leaving! Only 5 hours more! The light, the light! Almost no more tunnel!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!