September 17th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


There's this meme going around in which we keep the questions to ourselves and just put up the answers. The flist readers are supposed to ask for the questions, but promise to do them. I don't really want any promises--do it if you want, it's fun to think about! But don't feel forced just to see what I've put to what questions. I'm going to cheat.

1. chartruecesox, kama_of_the_roo, lash_larue, myowncliche, paintingmywings
2. kashmirdreamer, the__empress
3. paintingmywings, miriam_e
4. 101mutts, chartruecesox, lash_larue, miriam_e, paintingmywings, myowncliche, tammy212, tattoedsappho, the__empress, zoethor
5. kashmiredreamer
6. lash_larue, tammy212, tarrinthetree, tattoedsappho, the__empress
7. chartruecesox, cherrychacha, kashmirdreamer, ly_ragnorak, scampp
8. chartruecesox, fey_spirit, lash_larue, minerva_fan, miriam_e, myowncliche, paintingmywings, tammy212, tarrinthetree, tattoedsappho, the__empress, the_rucifer, zoethor
9. 101mutts, beanswednesday, camlina, chartruecesox, fey_spirit, paintingmywings, ravingglory, zoethor
10. bookdivalia, kashmirdreamer, lash_larue, paintingmywings
11. ly_ragnorak, the__empress
12. paintingmywings
13. tammy212, bookdivalia, camlina, kashmirdreamer, ly_ragnorak, zoethor
14. No one particularly comes to mind.
15. baelee, kashmirdreamer, the__empress
16. zoethor, ravingglory, miriam_e, minerva_fan, lash_larue, fey_spirit
17. None that I can think of.
18. beanswednesday, kashmirdreamer, paintingmywings, zoethor, scampp
19. All of you. I'm pretty much naming everyone for everything ANYWAY...
20. You all really, really do—I love the views on my flist.
21. None come to mind.
22. the__empress, ly_ragnorak
23. I would not put the thought of “boss” to any of you, for it would not be flattering.
24. bookdivalia, camlina, ly_ragnorak, the_rucifer
25. kama_of_the_roo, ly_ragnorak
26. I don't really attempt that...
27. zoethor, the_rucifer, tattoedsappho, tarrinthetree, tammy212, paintingmywings, myowncliche, minerva_fan, miriam_e, lash_larue, fey_spirit, 101mutts
28. Hitomi's screen name, which I didn't have on my list that I plucked out, gehhh! So she's the answer to loads of them too!
29. paintingmywings (snuggly/platonical-like), tarrinthetree (if it weren't for distance, I would have tried!), zoethor (age would probably technically factor in, but fantasy dates are fun!).
30. I really could have put down all of my flist for most of them. You are all beautiful, independent thinkers and I love that about you. I love you all! You're all princes and princesses in my eyes, or whatever figure you would like to be! Please don't feel left out. Also, if I missed your screen name (AKA didn't pull it off my bigger one in my haste) please inform you, and I will give you some of the specific questions I would have put you down! (Because, you'll remember, you'll probably fit most of them in my eyes!)

Aaaand last, if there are some that you really feel you are, and I don't seem to have proper understanding of it, please send stories! I would love to hear stories about why you think you fit some of the questions (I'm cheating and putting them in a cut). It could be a big confidence booster! I will NOT judge you at all for screaming out, “HEY, I think I'm a popular princess!” and talk about it. Because I will probably agree!

Yes, this took me too long. But I love you all too much to not take the time.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I did not mean to be up right now. I was going to be a good girl, who has gone through everything in her room but her closet and desktop and a few surfaces.

But I cannot find my letter box. My heart is crying. I know what box I used! It was the last project I had in ornamental woodworking class senior year, I spent forever on it, it fit well, and I put the velvet blue cloth on the inside only on the bottom. The other thing I had made didn't fit my letters--and that's still sitting around!

I remember placing all my letters in there. And then jamming them. It is so filled with letters! I would NEVER put it in any Give Away pile. Where the FRAK is my LETTER BOX?

I'm too panicked to cry right now. So much of my history is in there. I don't even want to think about it.

I have this small recollection that my mother had the box somewhere. I don't know where that is on the time line in my mind. I remember that I always had it placed on the back of my trunk, toward the wall and next to the lamp. Then I had some tissues there and I guess I thought the letter box was inside the trunk.

I cleaned out the trunk to replace it with my tie-dye one, no letter box. I have cleaned any place in my room I could see it being. Nothing. Checked quickly through the kitchen and the playroom. Didn't see anything.

Good god, I'll give up the box, but I need those letters!

Fate, be a kind mistress please--bring them back to me! I will miss them with all my heart. So many of my memories are in that box, and not in my brain!

I want to cry again. And now I can't. What is with this! I can't sleep either, I'm so nervous, if I don't find these letters...
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 14:13 News: negative for mono at present, still sane, work now, 3 hours feels long today. What tonight?
  • 14:57 Is it naptime yet? I am so exhausted. I want to sleeeep. 2 hours left, and it feels like 2 lifetimes. Giggles. I complain a lot.
  • 15:04 Shashi came and hugged me and told me I shouldn't leave because she'll miss me. I don't feel guilty. England, I will get to you yet!
  • 15:59 One hour left. I wrote in sheroes sig, "PPP. Peaceful People Police. Spreading waves of humor and love in times of turbulence." Smiles.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Today was a nice day.

I have almost mastered Skype, and all of you should TALK TO ME on it!

People are convincing me to wear my McGonagall hat on the flight to England so I will have it there, even as I protest I will look like a strange magical terrorist. Or at least non-canon because, last time I checked, McGonagall neither had a rainbow trunk nor dressed anything like me. Smiles.

I am writing letters! At least, I started a letter, and that is a good thing.

Therapy was great.

I sent out an email.