September 14th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

bsc and food today

apparently i really needed the sleep, because i didn't wake up until 2.30 and i didn't stir until then. i woke up thinking it was like noon tops. but it wasn't.

dweeb and da are off getting taco bell, and as a sad bonding experience they are purchasing some for me so we can eat together and be loser unhealthy people in a family who doesn't properly know how to consume nutrients together. win! (or, you know, total lose.)

i have to shower and get ready so i can go pick up dana. we are then going to hang out and eventually go to bsc. she will find someone to stay over with.

i will be bringing a backpack filled with shite so i can keep trying to be productive with cds, dvds, typing things, writing letters, etc.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


so today went strangely.

i showered and got ready. dweeb and da FORGOT to get me what they came in and woke me up to ask. so i had no foodies, but i was still craving taco bell. so i went to pick up dana, i figured out how to get the coins out of her gumball machine, and we went to get taco bell. they were out of caramel apple empanadas. we decided THE CAKE WAS A LIEEEE!!! then we went to D'Angelos and she got an awesome smamich (the turkey day leftover kind). she ate fast and kept getting brainfreeze but now slowing down her drinking. i ate slow. we went and got our empanadas later.

so. lindsay and joe broke up because joe apparently caught Teh Gay after boinking lindsay and now linds is apparently an uberbeech with people. and makuchan is not pleased with her--they are like not friends, which is slightly shocking. only i don't know joe is gay so no one tell. he's supposed to tell me first but since he doesn't talk to me i will technically never find out, so whatever. it also looks as though the age of lindsay is over.

we came home and pantaxi was a meaniepooface and brittles is with her boycreature dave, so no dana there. meaning dana is now sleeping over here, i'm waking up early to go drop her off at bridgewater state college and hang out there from like 7.30-8 with brittles. it will be finnnne! so i am less peeved that pantaxi was a mean sick person who didn't wish me a good day when i wished her one.

there was some deep thought today but i am currently not in the mood for deep thought or grammar, so this is unfortunately what you're stuck with. i apologize for how frequently my livejournal entries change! i'm not really consistent with them. hope you can get used to it! still, apologies.

i have had some very nice online conversations. today was a good day. makuchan is now trying to do her homework, and she has to write a speech and say it tomorrow, and she has huge stage fright, so this is killing her. and then i have to help her study for german and she is doing a lot of other stuff. i am not being a good productive person. back to that!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Lessons Learned

What I learned today on the Interwebz:

Sheroes is filled with catty girls and cat lovers.
Sometimes they are one in the same.
I have bosom buddies who are peace lovers.
"Strong women" means those who can stand up for themselves harshly and who are often on the Upper Hand of drama.
If you stand up for yourself and sometimes lose your temper, you are a bully.
It is hard to be friends with everyone, even if you see good things in everyone and want to do it anyway.
I will try even though it is hard.
Some people get talked to more than others, some people get talked to a lot, some people don't get talked to at all.
We are not to be like the characters we read about, even if we initially, basically, bonded over them together.
Defending yourself is to be done within small margins.
People wear all different types of glasses and cannot see past their own disagreements sometimes.
My glasses are rainbow, but I cannot see past my own nose quite frequently.
I know a lot.
I know nothing
Everyone has a different way of dealing with disagreements and drama.
I raise my eyebrow and roll my eyes a lot at people.
I love people.

Some of these things I agree with, some of them I don't, but I am not going to explain which is which!

Tada, my notes from today.