September 13th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


So, I have an elephant-load of stuff I COULD post here, but...

SEA suddenly up and leaving (again)? WTF? Something to do with the Sex Party thread, and people Being Mean?

'cause apparently it was eaten into the pits of Sheroes' endess vortex stomach.

I probably shouldn't care. But she makes up like half of BOS, and even if I don't particularly know her, I'm still curious because she definitely posts up a storm.

On the other hand, I should probably care more. Alas...?

Still, WTF?

Edit - So I guess it's basically what I thought it might have been. I had wondered in her Sex Toy thread why she was buying so much (the OhMiBod costing $70 by itself) when she was always saying how much she owed and how much money she needed. But I was thinking, well, it's her money, not really my business how she spends it even if I disagree, might as well respond in a way that interests me more--the fact that I want one of those things! And usually when I think something about a post but choose not to post about it, it means someone else will, and others will agree, and some others will disagree, and there will be much arguing, and someone will get melodramatic, and something will happen.

Right on, at least my diviniation abilities are still right on, lulz.