September 10th, 2008

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Mr. Dufault

I have stayed up past my bedtime but my entire Mr. Dufault email is complete. I don't know if I should keep it until I finish the others and send them out at once (in case he happens to mention it in passing in the staff room) or send it out tomorrow. I'll be keeping it to check through one more time before I send it.

Here it is:

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Now for a little bit of reading, singing, and sleep. Don't feel quite as bad since I did have the nap.
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Before Karen and Sonja

I'm really happy I got my Dufault letter done. He's always been really important to me. Possibly first Aggian teacher I clicked with.

Was tired when I woke up, obviously, because I'm terrible at waking up. Currently not feeling it even though I haven't finished my tea because it's too hot. (I'm a weirdo who drinks warm or cold tea.) Now it's a good temperature.

Hoping I don't get tired at work. I mean, even if I do, it's all pretty much so easy (but frustrating) that I could do it as a zombie. And no matter how tired I am I snap to attention once I leave.

Get to have lunch with Karen and Sonja today. Wonder how it'll be after seeing Sonja try out senior youth adviser. She's big on rules and keeping everyone in line. Either she'll loosen up, or she'll be overthrown. Sorry--but one can NOT treat a bunch of UU Senior Youth like a dictator and not be treated like a dictator in return. We have learned this far too many times. Looks as though they might be due for another lesson.

But it should still be enjoyable. Wonder if I'll end up at Hitomi's some time after.

Get crackin' on your college crap, Hitomi! Waves fist in the air. Three hugs for you if you doooo!
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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:51 @thinkingxbeing I totally degree. Hard step to go through, but always seems worth it in the end. Definitely hope we talk soon!
  • 23:45 @thinkingxbeing What are you trying to do? And that is a fabulous quote. It is getting favorited.
  • 09:09 Dear Kiwi, realize that Deb's mouth is for speaking and her ears for catching her cue--anywhere, anytime.
  • 11:11 11:11, make a wish Kiwi!
  • 11:18 As my boss talks the plumber's face reads, "You talk a lot. You repeat yourself. This is my job, I know what I'm doing." Giggle.
  • 11:28 Everyone in the office is so fascinated with the computer moving "by itself" as the IT person uses it from afar. Today is too funny!
  • 12:23 Mum got the temp job!
  • 13:58 Running so I won't be late!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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Thai Food and Spilling

So. I got through work. Deb did not shut her Gob. I joked with Kit. Lisa kept Shashi up all night rolling around with back pain. Lisa was her regular whirlwind.

I ran home, Karen and Sonja were already in the driveway. We had a run time working that out. Mum chatted at us forever. At last we left. Skipped post office, went right to Thai food.

It was good! I tried lots of stuff, even Crapacado Rangoon--crab rangoon with avocado. I don't eat seafood. But I tried it! Even if there's little crab. Everything was good. Ranted about work a lot. Things were funny.

We went to the post to drop off a package, they took me back to their house. Sonja went to pick up their third dog from dog camp. I enjoyed the two older dogs with Karen. Two beautiful labs. They adored me and it was nice.

Sonja came back and we had fun talking. Karen made me many cups of tea from Proper Tea Leaves and I was impressed with her Chinese Brewing, given my general laziness when it comes to tea. Karen took out her violin. Then there was drama on the phone. (It was unbelievable to me that a son would not care for his father by making him go to the hospital when he is in medical need, just because the father is stubborn.)

When Sonja went out to buy hamburger I started talking with Karen about working and the future and adult life. Something inspired her to share her whole worst story. I could tell that, at that point, she wasn't really talking for me--whether she knew it or not, I could just somehow tell that telling her story was helping her. I listened intently to her tale of woe but also wondered what it was about me, or I suppose others, that created this occurrence of people sharing to me in great quantities.

We all watched Bones together. It was alright. Nothing spectacular. I discussed that and polygamy with Karen on the way home and wished the poly community received a better light--and that the American definition of it was not just, "A man with many wives for religious views." The number of ways one can have a relationship with proper communication is astounding. I wish that was better known/more accepted. But of course, I wish that of many things.

Came home and had a message from a sophomore discussing sexuality. Brittles started talking to me about her great fear of needles. I wrote a long response to the first and had a hard but beautiful conversation with the latter. All the while I was talking to Shaya, and that was helpful. Smiled to know she and Brittles were talking afterward. Wondered if that would happen since I copied the whole screen name into our IM.

Wondered more. Posed question to friends, but knew I would think about it on my own as well. Called Kristine from childhood today and had a funny talk with both her and her roommate. They're both wonderful. Would love to create more of a bond with Kristine--we quite liked each other when we were younger and we're similar now. Love reunited friends!

Another International non-drinker Reading student contacted me. We had a nice conversation. She gave me her Facebook information. I added her. I think it's pathetic that I always wonder if I will soon be rejected for The Gay. Or The American. And of course I ended up writing a paragraph about feeling almost ashamed of being American, because I am silly and dumb. So now I'm worried. But hopefully things will be OK, and even if they aren't they are, so I'm good.

Thinking for tomorrow, since Dufault has a doctor's appointment and will be leaving at the bell, I'll try to print a copy of the letter I wrote him and give it to him in person. Shaya mentioned he was interested in seeing me. Smiles fondly.

Now I'm going to head to bed for my pre-sleep activities because it's late and I have another exciting day ahead of me tomorrow with my Aggie walk. Still no outfit planned! Can't believe I'm nervous about an outfit. Silly Kiwi.