September 9th, 2008

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I need to get more sleep.

But I have a feeling waking up will always be heck. Feels sick.

But! I am up an hour early for work so that later today I can go out for ice cream with Carol!

Now I have to finish my tea and really wake myself up.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 00:16 @thinkingxbeing Message me some time? I'd love to hear from you, even if it's for ranting from being down and angry... Hugs.
  • 09:04 I'm at work an hour early so I can eat ice cream with my minister after work! Sacrificing an hour of sleep. Grin giggle.
  • 10:33 I am never going into insurance when I "grow up" (haha as if). BCBS drives me bonkers--more bonkers. Chugging along.
  • 12:19 She put me on more overdue review. I sold my soul AND my sanity to this job, for $9/hr.
  • 12:46 Deb says "Okaaaay" all judgmental when I mention going for icecream with my minister, but nothing's weird about her boyfriend barking?
  • 12:50 It's pouring now. Everyone is shrieking their disapproval. I will quietly whisper my appreciation of the downpour, because it is beauty.
  • 14:10 Running now. Already worked 10 minutes over.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Goodbye Minister

Today was good. I got through work doing rubbish phone work and tearing my hair out over Blue Cross Blue Shield and their new anti-phone policy.

I left at 2:10, over time on the phone, and drove home. Threw on a few pieces of additional Kiwi-me-up clothing. Headed out early.

Got to Flatbread, asked if I could sit around waiting for the friend coming at three, the girl was friendly and said it was fine. I read and texted with Aubrey a little bit.

Carol arrived 5 minutes early and was surprised to see me. I told her I had come early to read. We got right up to order.

Carol: "What are you getting?"
Kiwi: [Considers.] "I don't know, what are you getting?"
Carol: "Oh no no no, I asked you first."
Kiwi: [Makes a face.] "Drats you!" [Turns to kind girl who gave her a seat.] "What's your favorite?"
Girl: "Pecan pie ice cream. It's a vanilla base with pecan pie all blended up into it! It's really good."
Kiwi: [Smiles.] "Oh, sounds it, glad I asked!"
Carol: "Well THAT'S certainly decadent!"

It was a funny conversation to me. I ordered a large sundae with pecan pie ice cream and caramel sauce instead of hot fudge, with sprinkles and whipped cream and cherries. Carol ordered a small sundae with a type of mint ice cream.

We talked straight through eating. Talked about my mother, father, brother, reactions to my leaving, traveling, a sense of home, past times, learning, Rachel Carson, grades, evaluation, test anxiety, my worries, and my abilities. She spoke some of her daughter and other subjects. She was really happy to hear that my father and I talk about spirituality sometimes, just diverse beliefs we're interested in. That we share books and have a system of his highlighting books, my questioning what he highlights, and my writing down enjoyable/thought-provoking quotes to share with him.

We said goodbye and hugged and had cute moments. I was shocked to find we had only spent an hour together--it seemed like so much more. But that's Carol for you. I love my minister. She gave me someone to contact in England on the UU front and also a nice UU retreat somewhere near Manchester, somewhere above there. Will have to look it up.

At home I went online for a spot, read in bed, and took a nap from around five until probably 7:30. Woke up groggy. Mum invited me down to watch The Other Boleyn Girl. Was online through it, talking with Shaya and others. The movie wasn't too spectacular to me but I LOVED the great hair. I so love long hair, hee hee hee.

Replied to all emails, including Sue about the FUSF newsletter and Joan about being an OWL panel speaker.

Dear Shaya,
I actually DID write an email to Fraserbeing! I am trying to be a Good Mentorlike Person and do things that are important to me even when they're scary. Especially when it has something to do with something that is so close to your heart. I hope it is showing?
Kiwi, KS

Now I am going to try to start drafting an email to Mr. Dufault since he's first up on my list after I've skipped Mrs. Quinn for now. Then bedtime so I can wake up for a shower and work tomorrow morning.