September 5th, 2008

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The Project

Today has been a pretty good day!

I typed up a short little blip of a story I wrote junior or senior year and sent it to Tokyo. She liked it! Also typed up a poem from senior year and put both on

Spoke with lots of people.

Called Shaya my kindred spirit for the first time today. Don't know if any of you know the significance of that, but believe me, it is quite hefty. Deep smile.

Somehow that gave me the courage to finally tackle my Cavanagh project. I am copying each email into a word document with its title and date (including time), keeping mine in Times New Roman, hers in Arial, editing them a bit to make them look good, and adding footnotes.

I never plan to do anything with this. But it will be nice to have. It's easy now, while things are light and airy, but I know it will get difficult at the end. I will take a deep breath and not thinking about that yet. That is many emails away. I've hit 11 pages already, anyway. My emails were LONG.

Still need to do Sarah's story but since her livejournal post wasn't very long/detailed and didn't mention Mrs. Cavanagh (she really didn't know why I would want that, teehee), I'm going to be more loosey-goosey with my deadline.

Tomorrow is Friday. I may go into Boston after work. No plans yet but we'll see.

Friday: Boston?
Saturday: 10-4 picnic. Evening trip to BSC with Laura.
Sunday: Church. Shaya's event. (GET DIRECTIONS KIWI!)

Life stresses me out sometimes. Other times it is so, so excellent!
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My moondays are fast approaching.

I keep getting nauseous in the morning. I think those two are connected but not entirely cause and effect. (I'm not pregnant, although immaculate conception would be wicked...)

Thank goodness Mum fixed the Internet for this morning. I go insane at work if I don't have a little 'net at home first.

I did more cleaning and organizing last night. Yay.

I wish I was someone who could eat breakfast.
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By "fast approaching" I apparently meant "here."

Ouch. Explains a lot.

I am also very posty lately. Although I prefer posty to not-posty, for the amusement of my futur self. (Waves. You on the New Years post or you off along further than that? Regardless, welcome!)
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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 10:06 The fact that I saw Palin and thought of Tina Fey is BLASPHEMY! I am a disgrace to my community! Please, burn me at the stake!
  • 10:53 I was not meant for anklets. I should also go through my give-away stuff and give my rainbow stuff to GSA kids from Aggie.
  • 11:05 I love when "I Like Giants" comes up on my shuffle--I play it all the time, but coming up on my shuffle makes me feel wonderful. <3iPod.
  • 11:56 I love watching the squirrels and the chipmunks out by the gate and across the street at the rock wall. So cute!
  • 13:01 @thinkingxbeing Oh so jealous! I hope you have a really good time!
  • 13:04 Shaya and the Aggie Kids (and teachers) have been in 7th period for 3 minutes now. Smiles. Nice memories.
  • 14:01 Of all the things to raise an eyebrow at, it does at a provider with integrity and scornfully call, "brutally honest."
  • 14:24 This worldwide switch to technology-and-Internet-always-over-phone is really driving me mad. I just want to call and hear this in HUMAN!
  • 15:05 Off I go!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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(no subject)

I need some new frakkin' livejournal icons.

Only use the stupid clodrainbowskyone.

I hate/love el-jay icons, maaaaan.

also. i am in a i-hate-grammar mood.

i am deeply sorry for this.
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(no subject)

The degree to which I can detest myself sometimes is really quite impressive.

I'm leaving the last entry of it up even though I hate it. Who knows what thoughts of those will be true tomorrow. I'm sure some have already changed.

But I guess that's how it goes with everything.
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(no subject)

No, Kiwi, what you don't want to admit is that you think you're the big red X on her career.

But you do.

And you could be.

Also, you're NOT being who you were with her before. You're being self-absorbed and an unreliable narrator. Grow up.

Be who you are with everyone else.

And give it a rest. But I know you won't, because you're me.

At least cheer up.