September 4th, 2008

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This is to keep for myself. I was a strange child. I apparently have ALWAYS been a strange person. However, I take great joy in the character arc I have faced (I picture it as a rainbow) and where I have been placed on my current cloud. I feel very settled, starting last year.

Beware. Includes: terrible poetry, random teenage angst, sarcasm, ouchiness, sandwiches, comments, other amusements, and a remarkable amount of strange things.

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Last night I did not get much done. Mainly I talked with Sarah about the upcoming day, but when she said conversation was moving to text I completely forgot that my phone was on low sound from work and didn't hear it. So that was a bust. Slightly amused she didn't know why I wanted Mrs. Cavanagh in her first-day post.

Still have to get Sarah's story done. How I'm going to write something with bunnies, an overstuffed beanbag, and the phrase about something hitting him in the head... But it's not due until Friday night! I still have time left for teenage procrastination!

Also sent off a good-luck email to Mrs. Cavanagh for her first day back teaching, since she doesn't have freshies.

Ridiculous how difficult sleep is for me lately. I have to sing myself to sleep for about a half an hour. I am secretly a child? Surprised I wasn't rubbing my own belly. Pout.

But! On the up side! I joined the Reading student forum finally 'stead of being a creepy lurker and now I'm feeling great about going in fall again. Well, for the social aspect. Administration still makes me want to HEADWALL from time to time.

Mum is freaking out over various things. I'm trying to get rid of my headache before my 5 hours of work today.

Geh. I never want to do medical billing again, for friends or no. Bet I'm on credentialing again. Sigh. But at least I come home and get to look forward to first-day posts from the old high school pals.

(How do my entries always turn out longer than they are in my head?)

My headache has just been doubled. Mum put me on the phone with admissions, to hear all the information I already know and have been telling her, but she didn't believe me.

Always hate the pre-school times. 'specially when I'm working a job I detest.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 10:29 @thinkingxbeing You are not a terrible person! Hugs major.
  • 10:30 We just had a wonderful meeting spanning the subjects of: coverage, chiropractors, conventions, Mary Ingles, eggs, and the paranormal.
  • 10:48 If I were in England right now, I would be an hour out of work. I wish I had the super power of instantly changing timezones.
  • 11:14 I just accidentally called the office number when trying to reach Lisa's cell. I am excellent! At least it was humorous.
  • 11:34 I have a very bad feeling in my stomach.
  • 11:57 Oh how this office dearly loves a lie. But Laken the Boxer followed me into the bathroom. He's a cutie.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

General Activity

I just went on the trampoline (I can still do front-flips!), kicked around the football/soccer ball, juggled (the foot/soccer ball), and went for a quick bikeride. For the win much? I think so!

Also, Mum apparently hid the coke in the mudroom. Which makes me sad because I drank an energy drink when I didn't want to because I thought we were out of the coke.

I called Prof. Crowley to see if she still wants a goodbye get-together!

I read two Aggie livejournal posts! And remembered Renren and Vallo! It made me happy!

I abuse exclamation marks.

Back to typing up old writing.
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