September 3rd, 2008

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I found out a boy from my high school died. He would have been a junior, but was supposed to be a senior (stayed back). He got in an accident around or going to Dunkies.

It hit me hard. It also hit me hard that I am not going back to the Aggie and won't feel the immediately-post-death atmosphere, and that I am not going anywhere else for a while, either. I felt very petty. Especially since I first rejected joining the group because I thought I was just being invited to another person I had never met's group, or that it would (even more annoying) be another Joke.

But it wasn't. He's dead, he died Sunday, and directly after being Wicked Happy about the Pats Starting Up in status is the fact that his facebook has been taken over by a friend.

I was speaking with Mrs. Smith. She's the one who told me.

After sitting around being shocked, I zapped myself back into cleaning and watching Flying Circus. I made it through my Pile O Crap and organized my desk.

I still have far too much to do but I am going to Get Into Bed.

(Because it is 1.33 a.m. and I have work tomorrow.) Thankfully I could do the work tired, drunk, high, and possibly while having a stroke. So.

Off to possibly type up some writing and fall asleep at some point.

What a day.
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I told my mother about Alex and now she has been looking into it and watching videos about him and reading and crying.

It has hit me hard again.

I'm still going to go to work, and if my bosses don't understand my downcast silence after I explain, I will not be pleased. After all--they were Friends First.

I wish I were not working today. But a little more than five hours from now I won't be, and I can come home and hopefully take a nap and try to be sane.

Mum is trying to get me to tell her happy things. I can't think of any happy things. I just want to go to my room and cry all day, fall into a deep sleep, wake up and try to get some stuff done. Not think about the 12 days left of work I have.
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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 10:08 I'm back at work. I would like to be home crying. I will be credintialing instead. I will be able to sleep some time soon, I hope...
  • 10:41 I'm staving off credentialing. Yay! Just been filing and claims. Win thus far.
  • 10:52 They have diagnosis codes for terrorism for a pediatric account. Things like that make me very sad.
  • 11:37 Drats. Pulled from claims to do credentialing. Shakes fist at the world. And now my tiredness is hitting.
  • 12:24 This is driving me mad. There is no organization anywhere.
  • 13:59 One hour...
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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I can't believe it's 11.10pm. This is shocking.

Work was bearable. I made it through.

Home, tired and in bed. Pretty much all day. I did a survey and went through stuff.

I went through my freshman entries. I'm collecting/recollecting aggie memories.

I decided in the car on the way home from Maine that I want to start a memoir of Aggie memories, for me and friends. I'm still thinking of how to organize them. Think I better just start writing them. I have a list now. Most will be partially fiction since I can't remember how they all went.

I wonder why I throw so many projects on myself at once.

Also, Sarah gave me a writing challenge. "it must involve bunnies and an overstuffed purple chair. And one line must be "a wet, cold something slammed into the back of his head."" I promised I would get a story to her by Friday night if she puts up a full and detailed report of her first day of school tomorrow, including some sort of mention of Mrs. Cavanagh.

She is writing the challenge I gave. "Your challenge must involve a TV that won't turn off, the president, an illegal voting attempt, Mickey Mouse, and the phrase, "Oh fuck! The shoe's on fire!""

I have to write up my responses to Shaya.

Other stuff.

I'm wishing all the Aggie kids in my head an excellent school day tomorrow. Even if it will end up being a little sad.