September 2nd, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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I'm home. I organized my inbox. Haven't yet replied to things.

Showered, gathered a story I thought I had lost, gone through livejournal posts.

I really want to get on the cleaning thing so I will be popping on and off as I clean.

Maybe a long post about Maine later.

I was incredibly happy on the way home.

I couldn't write a letter to Mrs. Quinn, I had to put it on hold and I don't entirely know why.

There is too much to do, always.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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Also, my trunk should arrive the 8th! I'm excited!

I think I'm going to do practice packing. And then possibly force myself to live downstairs for a few days with only what I've packed, writing down anything that I have to go pick up from somewhere else in the house.

Let's see if I'm ever actually organized enough to do that.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

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So. Instead of feeling inspired the way I did in the car, I am having nervous breakdowns.

I don't know how to clean my room. And of course I'm not saying that in the technical sense--I've been cleaning my room for years.

I don't know how to clean my room for college. I don't know how to go through my piles of crap and my bookshelves and my clothes. I don't know how to clean my mind. I don't how to use my time the nights before work productively.

I feel pathetic about always wanting someone around when I try to do this stuff knowing that if I had someone keeping me laughing and dancing, I would stay saner for cleaning.

I'm also trying to watch The Office because just having music wasn't working for me, and I'm ashamed to admit The Office just isn't doing it for me. I should go find Da's Flying Circus. That would please me better.

Geh. I hate how I keep falling into pits like this with trying to get my stuff together and give things away. Probably because my "give away" stuff never leaves, it just sits around. But I would adore not curling up into the fetal position and crying each time that I try to clean my room.

If I can't clean my room, how can I get to the harder stuff on my list?