August 28th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The Day

Work was reasonable today! Even though I had to be at Lisa's desk and worked on the same client all day doing PIP packages, working through unorganized dupes, etc. The first hour I didn't work well. Guilt. Should be working my best whenever I physically can. Was too overwhelmed.

Joked around. Ate and took pills at 2:30. Texting with people some.

Home at 3, hung with Makuchan, dentist at 3:30. Said the ABCs slowly in my head 16 times as they filled my two cavities. My dentist is not that kind. Had to get a roundy-x-ray-thing. Don't have to get my wisdoms pulled for now--theyr'e small and far away.

Called McSpleeny. Set up to hang out around 8. Home for hanging around. Skimmed through Empire Records, Pippi Longstocking, Neverending Story, and The Secret Garden. Love for Maggie Smith. I will write her a fan!letter some day. Her and Zoe(umlaut) Lewis, the P-Town English musician.

Went to McSpleeny's. We were early and they weren't home yet so Makuchan and I threw our seats back and down and listened to music in the dark. It was peaceful and beautiful. I was enjoying life to the fullest. We went inside, McSpleeny gave me the shirt and botany foodmat. I love it. I want to donate it to Watsonii. Let's see if I'm too selfish or not.

We looked at pictures basically the whole time. Tomorrow I am going there after I meet with Sherri. Bringing CDs to burn the pictures onto. I am excited to have a whole bunch of Aggie pictures and pile everything together sorted by year or into a misc. year folder. I think that will be good for me.

Home to get Makuchan's insulin so she wouldn't die 'nd all. Remembered the days of her pump and getting caught on things. Chasing her from classrooms when she had to run to the nurse. Drove her home. Drove home belting songs with the windows down, enjoying the pre-September breeze on my skin and in my hair.

Answered all my emails again now that the Internet was working. Hoping I can still meet with Sherri tomorrow. Wondering what to bring.

Might type up one piece of writing from the high school stuff I never typed. Sleeping soon.

Oh, please send love to my friend Fey's Great Grandmother and Fey and her Love and family. They could all use the white light/love/loving thoughts/prayers/whatever you might wish to send. This is my candle of concern! Please keep them in your mind and heart tonight.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


I was a strange sophomore or junior who wrote about a Faerie girl named Moanaya who was too broke to buy a grasshopper ride and had to ride on a human train, and meeting a butch Fae (Noble) girl who hitched a ride under the train. And lived in a mushroom.

Darling Kiwi, you are a strange creature.

Also, I should have dated more pieces of paper. And not written so tiny on printer paper! In pencil! It's hard. But I love it.

I'm going to sleep now.

Still sending love.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 10:16 I am back at work and thankfully not working on PIPs! But another frustrating client. Ahhh but nothing too terrible.
  • 11:40 Still might be able to leave stuff in my room in Windsor. Also, Kit can be a meanie sometimes!
  • 11:50 Deb: "There are certain things you share, and certain things you don't." She seems to understand the phrase. But the meaning?
  • 12:10 Emailing gets me through the day. Just got two from Shaya at RT and I laughed a lot. Almost halfway through today.
  • 12:17 I just got called into Boss Room to be criticized. Because I organized and she never looks. I am sick of this.
  • 13:12 Onto filing. I hope I can pull off filing and claims for the rest of the two hours here. Then I'm free to go meet Sherri!
  • 14:40 And all the razor perceptions that cut just a little too deep.
  • 14:49 I need to write an I Hate My Job, My Colleagues Don't Shut Up song so I can have something appropriate in my head at work at all times.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!