August 27th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

A Surprisingly Good Day

I went to work. I felt sick. I made it through.

I have faced some crappy stuff:

- My face is peeling.
- I have a coldsore.
- My best friend has had mono for a month and I might have caught it at any time, might start showing symptoms now or carry it for the month and get sick in uni, would not be able to kiss anyone for 18 months, would have the possibility of recurrence in times of stress and sleep deprivation, etc. Not fun.
- My British Passport Application did not go all the way through because I apparently need COPIES of some of the things we sent, and we CAN'T use a copy of my birth certificate so we need more information from the time around/before my birth for proof, and other stupid stuff.
- I still need to get in contact with the uni to see where I'm supposed to leave my stuff because I'm an international student and I was supposed to get a room that kicked me out for hols but let me leave my stuff. Egh.
- I have been un laid off because apparently Jessica, who they were going to have to start paying full time because she ran out of intern hours, is having family problems and can't come in. So my head, which has been reorganized to adjust to a summer with being partially laid off, needs to be reorganized and adjusted again. I spent a lot of time crying over this because it was bitter sweet.
- I am not at university, or going to any schooling in September. But at least I'll have some freshers stuff. The fact that I have no real schooling in September distresses and depresses me.

On the greatly epic side:
- I made it through work and took my brother out to lunch, bought salad in the name of Shaya, went for a walk with the Dweebcreature to eat it at the elementary school where I once sat with my mother when I was bullied, and then went for a long walk through the woods around and up Sweatt Hill. We saw Boston and read for a while. We called Snoopy and chatted and it was fun. We ran down Sweatt hill and he fell at the bottom but it was all beautiful.
- I called Dana and accidentally called Grammie first and she was confused as to why I was asking for Dana. Then I went and picked Dana up for a sleepover.
- We decided to make cake. We decided we would have it be a halfbirthday cake, because her birthday was August 8th and mine and Cavcreature's half-birthday was Aug 22nd, so we were going to have it be our 181th Half Birthday with the combined three of us. To "Dawivagh" the combination of our names.
- We needed one more egg. We tried to get to my neighbor's through the wood path with a poor flashlight but it was spontaneously not there. We made it through the road and it was fun and silly. I named my egg Chloendra after the egg Chloe I brought to school sophomore year that Joshy-washy killed.
- We epic failed on the cake, which spewed itself down on the oven, cooked on the outside, and was cake!lava on the inside. We piled the good pieces on a plate and slathered icing with sprinkles on it. I decorated it with pull-off Twizzlers. It was a thing of unique beauty. We played the Harry Potter 1 book trivia game. She won by a little. Grin.
- We putzed around online. Went through my old high school writing and art. Damn, I was good! Why'd I stop?
- She is staying the night and through tomorrow's work and going to the dentist with me at 3:30, probably.
- I went through my entire inbox, the 40 emails. Yay accomplishment!

The I Don't Care note:
- It is 3:11 a.m. and I don't care, even though I have to be up for 8:40 to take a shower for work. I will work until 2:30 or 3:00. I worked a half an hour over yesterday. I will dentist it out. I will maybe take a nap. There is no work Friday because they are taking a vacation. It will be up to Maine for me.

I also miss writing/reading Kitty Hawk. And Rosethorn/Lark. Basically the only two couples I have ever hardcore shipped, in the only two fandoms I have ever hardcore shipped. I think I need to expand my horizons but I am afraid because I don't want my love for those four to dwindle. But I am obviously already mistreating them at present. Sigh. Poor fandom! -Strokes.- I also explained shipping to my brother today. He understood. It was excellent.

I'm going to sleep about now because I'm tired and have accomplished much.

Also, ironic I am posting a yay!Kittyhawk post with a McTrell icon. I has no McHooch icons! Gaspeth!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Accommodation and Such

I sent an email to Claire in admissions (I think) at Reading with my diploma (finally) and asking for the proper email to send my inquiry about my room at Windsor.

How do I always feel so STUPID with all of this?

Claire is out of office so now I have to forward it to someone else and make it more official sounding. Sigh. Ah well.

I am drinking a Monster energy drink and should have no day getting through the work day (well, as far as fatigue) because it'll keep me awake in the morning, and as soon as I get down to about 2 hours left I tend to perk up.

Dentist this afternoon. Have to remember to take my meds at 2:30, an hour before the appointment.

Dana is still over and sleeping so she's gonna be here after work! Yay.

Edit - Taking vitamins with energy drinks = not a good idea. Gag!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 10:10 I'm at work now and was summoned to the Boss Room to work at Lisa's computer for one of the new clients. PIPs. Hope I do it right!
  • 11:11 This client is extremely odd. Doubles everywhere. What the frak? Flailing here! Haha, but four hours left. Excellent.
  • 11:11 Also, Kiwi, remember your medication at 2:30!
  • 12:05 Pashi! I am sorry I did not get to call you! I spontaneously had a friend sleep over, and we tried to make cake, but we epic failed! M#!
  • 12:30 I am halfway through and this work is still completely bizarre. Ah well. Dana is at the library with Mum and I am jealous!
  • 12:35 More lying in the name of insurance. Why do I work in this business again? Really, my conscience is forever growling at me.
  • 13:25 I have had it up past my ears with patients who have more than one personal injury/non-health insurances.
  • 13:37 I am Rickietickietembonosarembosaudibaudirucchipipperipembo!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!