August 25th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Beginning of the Real Goodbye

I am terrible at saying goodbye. I think life should be filled with, "See ya!"s.

Snoopy, Toast and I wreaked havoc on Rhode Island's Walmart and Massachusett's Target and Papa Ginos. Snoopy did not need the assistance wreaking havoc on her room.

There were a lot of lingering goodbye moments. Pants were exchanged (OK, given to me). Favorite songs were listened to in cars. There were many hugs and pounding.

Stayed at Snoopy's for hours. Until 4 a.m. Made me wonder why I didn't have my Spanish text book and wasn't panicking over an exam the next day. Then I thought, "No more high school" and promptly remembered that had been a college course anyway.

I rode home and noted the September stars I'm starting to catch. They're really no different from August stars, except for the feeling. The moon was reclining back in her lazy-girl posture, ready for a nice slumber before she has to open up again.

I noted that I take great interest in traffic lights late at night, when their turning has no affect on life yet they're ready to offer guidance and direction to avoid danger at any given point, when anyone drives up. My mind didn't toy with the symbolism, just noted and sent me a smile.

I want to write a song. I haven't had inspiration to write a song in ages. The song "Consequence of Sound" by good 'ol Regina inspired me again. Not to write one like hers, just gave me that feeling of, "Hey, you haven't written a song in a year, why not give it a shot?"

And I may soon. We'll see how this works out. Sailing today. A final goodbye to my best friend as she boards her life!train to the T-stop of Lesbiancentredness, Smith College. (I only slightly smiled at the T reference and part of a trans show I once watched with a friend, I promise.)

I need to go through all my old school junk and complete this in my mind and heart.

September draws closer. Will it be an ominous monster shadow, as my mind predicts? Or will it be a time of magical sparkles from the faeries of my imagination, the way my heart wishes Treebum is right? Perhaps it'll even out and be my regular every-day roller coaster. I wouldn't mind that so much. Tears and smiles both sparkle in the sun (and moon).
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.


Today turned out to be a really beautiful day until I got to Snoopy's and finally opened up my email.

Lisa wants me in tomorrow. So I emailed back asking if it's the regular 10. She said that would be great.

Frak. Jeebs, though I totally did not have to work tomorrow because I was, y'know, partially laid off and stuff. And told her I probably couldn't work tomorrow. But she's pushy, and it turns out I'm not sailing tomorrow, so whatever.

My parents are still sailing. I have work tomorrow at 10. I am not pleased.

I also need to unpack, sleep and keep healthy to avoid getting Snoopy's mono since I've been in contact with it for a week, but she's had it for a month and is apparently not as contagious or something.

My passport package did arrive at Lisa's though. That's good news.

This just stinks because I was totally planning to cry and be gloomy all through tomorrow to keep some of my sanity about the fact that my best friend will be off at college while I'm rotting at home. It would make it easier for me to possibly go tackle Laura before she leaves for college on Friday, or something. And writing my long teacher/life letters.

Sigh. About the worst news I could get would be that I had to work tomorrow. And I do. More sigh.

This very much tampers with my plans.