August 20th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Update, Original Title Here

Cold sores and ear aches/infections are my evil enemies, and they seem always present in my life.

But I'm doing alright. Snoopy is downstairs sleeping. Mum is doing a puzzle and having a weird mood-fit that worried/miffed my Faja. Faja is either in his room being miffed on the computer or at the beach, I didn't track him. I think everyone else is at the beach.

I'm doing stuff through the days but have still not written up the emails that I want to. Or done the projects that I should be working on.

Also, I am neglecting and running away from my inbox.


Dear abodomen, please hush up and stop paining me. Same for you ear. And lip.

Also, I have 5 post cards. Who wants one and would be willing to give an address to receive one? Would love to send them out. All is fair in love and postcards! Step right up! (Can always buy more, they're only 5 for a dollar, grin.)