August 16th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The Awkward Moment

I'm down here. I drove the way sorta to know I could. I should be more chill on the way back, haha.

We stopped in Delaware and had seriously way too much fun. The woman who sold us EZPass said, "Now don't go using this in any car. Like when you're riding with your boyfriend, don't just take it." I smiled and joked with Snoopy. We walked outside and the Pepsi machine became my boyfriend, and there are two pictures of me hugging it. Then I put my tongue to the Delaware picture on a truck and another picture was taken.

We've been around and stuff.

Awkward moment:

[General talk about how weird Harold and Maude was as a movie.]
[Katie doesn't seem to think it's as bad. Kiwi raves.]
Kiwi (finally speaking up): Harold and Maude is my favorite movies. Or, one of. I just thought I would put that out there.
Da (paraphrased): A good time! [Everything is awkward.]
Kiwi: But it's not as though I'm attracted to 80-year-old women that way or anything, just because I like the movie. ((Somewhat of a lie, considering that I think Ruth Gordon was beautiful, but just in that way that I want to admire the beauty someone has kept through life rather than in wanting to do anything sexual--I just enjoy acknowledging the beauty everyone has, no matter the age!))
Hopkins Father: You mean men.
Kiwi: Huh, what? Men? [Confused.]
Snoopy: [Some comment along that, more general confusion.]
Hopkins Father: [A little hesitantly.] Well, you're a girl, so it would be 80-year-old men, right?
Kiwi (pulling the ditz card): Men? Oh, men. Yeah I guess.
[Awkwardly ends.]
[Precedes to joke with Snoopy, who is now my boyfriend and not my wife. We are boyfriends. We have turned from a queer female pair to a queer male pair.]

So. It was just about one of the most awkard moments of my life, since he was just innocently like almost completely unaware that a girl might not like boys. Even if we're talking about 80-year-olds. And I was joking, really, but then it just turned so awkard haha. It was the second time in a day and it just reminded me that yes, Kiwi, you left New England. You are a Masshole who is 600 miles south from home.

So that was interesting. The three daughters know I'm gay. I did not press to come out because a) no girlcritter present, no real need and b) it could jeopardize being able to stay in the room with all the girls. Which is not really glorious, but there's also no where else really to stay, and it would just cause trouble.

I've never not been out before. Everyone has just always known I'm gay. This is so weird.

But yes, darn it all, I am going to have fun with this. Somehow I will.