August 12th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Get off the Rollercoaster, Kiwi!

Today was weird.

I woke up, found and took my anti-biotics for the dentist on an empty stomach because that was what I was directed to do, and Mum drove me to the dentist. My appointment was horribly painful--my stomach hurt like crazy. Quick dentist appointment because I take care of my teeth. Two cavities in places I couldn't help because the angle is odd. Told to gargle to keep down the tonsil problem I have.

Out of the dentist, I was practically crying in pain. Coughing to mask heaving. We got me a sub quickly at the store but by that point I was crying silently. I called Sharon and told her I would be even more late because I had reacted badly to the medication.

Got home, still lots of pain, Mum had me lie down and put in ear drops. I went to sleep. She told me she would wake me up at 11:55 to bring me down for noon.

I woke up way later and was confused. When I woke up again at 3:30 (when she was supposed to pick me up from work), I asked her why I wasn't at work. She explained that I had looked white as a ghost and she hadn't had it in her to wake me, so she called my work, explained, and Lisa called back saying I shouldn't come in today. (Because it's a "detail-oriented job" and not because she's a friendly boss who is concerned about me, of course. Lovely strange woman.)

I rested in the car on the way to the chiropractor, joked with Harlan about medical billing when I went in. He was really shocked and amused to find I was working in it, especially when I explained what I did. He must have done his own billing some time, or maybe he still does. He said, "98940!" when I mentioned always wondering about CPTs when I go to doctors and chiropractors, and I said, "I know that one! I remember that one because for Medicare it requires the AT modifier. I also remember 97140 a lot because for Blue Cross Blue Shield it requires the 59 modifier." We laughed about insurance companies, phone lines, and such. My neck was apparently really screwed up and causing all my headaches--I forgot they were linked.

Home. Tired and in bed. Missed Shaya's call but enjoyed her message. Loan application downstairs. Scary university prices make me go -panicpanic.- Excited about going. Three days between my life and its complete flip over, with all my friends leaving and all that.

Almost completely cemented plans with Mrs. Cavanagh for hanging out Friday. Hopefully seeing Shaya tomorrow. Facebooked Gar to say if we want to do something Thursday it needs to be more domestic as I get ready for my trip.

My stomach is still not pleased with me. I wonder if it goes beyond the anti-biotics. I think I'm approaching the time for a cleanse, which is not fun. I also wonder if it's stress, worry, anxiety, excitement, and all the other emotions I go through on a daily basis--I wonder if they're getting all worked up in my core. I feel a bit better after being adjusted though.

The use of my calendar is going well.

Tomorrow: leave by 8:45-9:00. Doctor's appointment scheduled for 10:00, we'll see what time we actually hit. Hopefully back for work for 12:30 which I'm nervous about but whatever, hopefully until 5:30. Possible stop home. Drive to Shaya's for 6:00-6:15 until hopefully around 10:00, for dinner and hang out and story time. Drive home, more laundry, little more cleaning and listing, whatever else needs to be done, bed.

I'm really nervous about these upcoming days. Sigh. I'll get through them--but that's half the fear there, getting through them, because then everything changes. I feel far too emotional! Someone kick me!