August 11th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Get up and run away with it

Ohggoodness weekend.

Friday was hard at work, but I prevailed and calmed people down and it was good. We'll see how tomorrow works out! After work I went home and got ready for the weekend. I was invited for an office trip to get ice cream and couldn't because I had plans. I was fine. Took Da's T Pass, just made the train, it was late because we had to pull over. Dana and Bobby met me there.

They don't stop touching. They are always touching, always making out, always making noises, finishing (or not) sentences with kisses, etc. It actually drove me mad. It was awkward because there were Bobby's friends there that they didn't properly introduce me to while they were just sitting there "waiting for me to finish eating" (which I had done) but just making out. While all over each other. So I asked Bobby (he answered me after a long kiss) if he had wireless Internet and he said yes. To his friends I said, "Thank gods I have my laptop, then, so when I get sick of this I can look up real porn." We got on the T.

The walk to Bobby's was horrible. Fluffy (newcomers--Fluffy = my ceramic hip who is 13-ish months old) was not pleased with the combination of bad weather and having to walk for like 30-45 minutes (really have no idea). And it turns out there's a bus that runs that takes the T pass. And Bobby just didn't inform me of this because he Doesn't Like Busses. So I was not entirely pleased, but I decided I was going to be in a good mood and I was.

We got to the house and Dana and Bobby sat next to me constantly noisily sucking/blowing/licking face, whatever. The noise litteraly drove me to tears. There is something wrong with me. Eventually they left and I had loads of fun with Bobby's awesome sister watching Buffy and admiring hot Willow. I fell asleep at 1 and woke up att 10-something. It was amazing. We all got ready, I called to say I would be late, we tried to take a taxi but it didn't come, we walked to the Bus station, got on the red line, I was good.

Park street stop I sat under a tree. Ang, Rosemary (Queenie), and Becca (Galaxy) came and found me. Rosemary had to leave. We walked around and got huge ice creams and talked. Back to Ang's. Fun. Ang got a little moody but I think she was just stressed about the party, so I didn't bring it up. Becca and I had a good time. Different stores, bought stuff, ouch leg and worry but I'm OK, back to Ang's while Becca went off to meet Dorie. Who probably doesn't remember me.

The party was fantastic. I'm always thankful that I almost never feel awkward. I really liked everyone who was there. I had fun. Caroline gave us all a ride to the T, I got on. Took the commuter rail home.

A crazy person apparently tried to run in front of our train and the cops were trying to get him. We were stuck on the train forever. Then back to Norwood, waited on the train for a bus. I was exhausted. On the bus and had to take back roads because bridges were down or something. Finally got to car, drove home, exhausted. I got home the same time Snoopy did for her late closing.

Today I went to Gar's service and it was great. Early and tired. She mentioned me in her speech. We were all happy. Then we talked about the Bible and I was not so much, but it didn't dent my mood.

Home, chat to check if people were alive, nap. Drove to Twiony's for her party which was great fun. Swimming with Barnaby, McSpleeny, and Twiony. Lots of nostalgic Aggie talk; math team, how ridiculous Quinny's love for Booby was, Watsonii and her amazingness, Cavcreature and her walked-over quirkiness and sewing, Howes and his forgetfull splendedness, the back woods and Hayride, etc. There was someone who had schooled in England for two years. Then an Aggie alumna. Cake. Fun. My autobiography from 7th grade that is horrible but wonderful.

Movies--Mummy 3. The women were yaaaaay to my eyes and ears. 3 very attractive women! I was in heaven in that aspect. Plus the yettis were fantastic.

Home, Internet.

Tomorrow getting together with Hitomi, finally! Going to her place after work. And probably sit around with her while she gets her hair done or something. I'm very excited!

Gehhh like one week left for Virginia beach, less, and it's goodbye to all my high school friends for now. Then there will be visits and then Uni after a month pretty much without them. Gehness.

Saw Glory's livejournal entry. Somehow I just thought of that? I don't know. I'm tired. I remember when a freshman at my school decided with friends that she was Kiwi, and how people were like, "Scare her out of it, tell her it's yours" and how ridiculous I thought that was. I don't think it stuck. I remember feeling bad for feeling relieved about that. I didn't want to be replaced so quickly. It was interesting enough being brought up with Shaya's name so frequently already. Another Kiwi? And that's pretty much what I've been thinking about name-wise, besides that when people say "Real Name" I think Kiwi and when "Birth Name" Nicole.

Sleep, Kiwi. Now. No written journal. CRASH.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 10:30 Today is going to be horrendously long. Shashi is not in a good mood. Weird work. Ears hurt. Tired. Monday. Be over, please?
  • 10:50 @daheefanel I'm not watching the Olympics either. Heh...
  • 11:04 I love when people are nice on the phone at insurance companies. It makes my job so much better and more worth it.
  • 12:29 @thinkingxbeing Oh, what job did they offer you? And, awesome! Yay on wreaking havoc! I'm accidentally doing that now.
  • 13:11 I just randomly took on a Southern Accent to an insurance company because the other speaker had one. I am so doomed for London.
  • 13:47 It is really frakkin' hectic here right now, with a provider here and my tripping everywhere and just general greatness.
  • 14:21 @thinkingxbeing Oh my goodness that is so amazing! I want to do that some time in my life, haha. Go you! Times ten!
  • 14:58 I'm out of here to go meet with Hitomi. Headache will disperse!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!