July 27th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

I Did it Again

I'll give a real update of stuff a bit later. Right now I'm going through my emails and of course that meant replying to Mrs. Cavanagh. Which I just managed to do.

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In happier news, Professor Crowley replied to me!

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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The Weekend

So. A little update.

Friday I made it through work. Got up to Boston. Hung out with Ang making cupcakes and being stupid/silly. Watched stuff that was fun. I stayed up later than her meditating/thinking/watching the city life/enjoying the weather and then slept under her desk, which apparently provided great amusement.

I also opened up her Refrigerator of Death which was for a friend, and it had had like Asian food in it for weeks. It smelled horrid. I was too busy laughing to really truly mind though.

Saturday we waited for her friends to arrive to take away the fridge. They called and canceled. We watched a bad movie she loves and then went to catch the T home. (I had convinced her to come to the Cape.)

We drove to the Cape. There was much silliness. We played the mad-crazy-weird Uno game. There was music.

I stayed up until 2:20 or so talking to Carla and sharing singing stuff. Went upstairs and slept. Kept having wonky dreams about strange stuff in which basically everyone I knew was at the Cape house. I woke up and showered, then felt excellent as opposed to shoddy as I had felt dirty.

Little walk to the beach and back. We played volley ball with a really stupid huge blue ball that I didn't like. I enjoyed doing something active, though. Then more hanging around chatting/reading/eating smamiches.

Mum kicked us out so we drove back up and I brought Ang to the train. Came back, a little online to prove I wasn't dead, two hour nap. Then emailing and such.

Arah made me a present at Falcon Ridge! It's a pendant, and it has turquoise! Shock. And I'm going shopping for dorm stuff with Pantaxi tomorrow after work! Meaning mainly I'll just drive her around and provide amusement as she shops.

Work tomorrow. Shouldn't kill me. Maybe I'll clean my room in the extra time in the morning tomorrow. And maybe I'll go fly a pig to Alaska.