July 24th, 2008

Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

And see as you cry at disaster.

Yeah, I have to admit I'm glad I didn't go clubbing. I was totally exhausted and I felt kind of gross. Like a little sickly gross.

So I stayed home and did stuff I've been planning to do.

I still have to email Mrs. Cavanagh. I'm so much closer, though.

Great conversations about my singing on iLike.com with a friend.

Funny conversations with my mother.

Sensitive on sheroes, but everything is fine!

Tomorrow work and mall. I have a check that came late to cash. Friday Boston!

I'm going to get into bed now. Plan things in my head. "Things" being an email. To an important person. About stuff close to the heart.

Yes, this post is not an example of me at my most eloquent. Giggle.
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Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Memory #1

Random memory of the day:

Sophomore year I was sleeping over Kleppy's for the weekend and had packed a bag. I had a vibrating toothbrush. In the morning I had animal classes and we all could tell something was vibrating, but no one knew what it was. We realized it wasn't anyone's cell phones. Our gazes snuck to my bag, where they stayed.

There were endless jokes on the supplies I kept in my backpack.

I eventually opened it up to find that it was my electric toothbrush. I had totally forgot I had packed it.

I was laughing all day. It went off a few times but I didn't bother taking out the batteries. It was worth the laugh having my bag vibrate randomly between and during classes.
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 09:14 I hit 1000 posts on sheroes. And dear goodness, how am I always so tired?
  • 10:26 There was definitely old food on that EOB. It was green and gross. Yay payments, boo on goo?
  • 11:49 Lightning crashes... I love working during storms! This is fantastic. <3.
  • 12:01 Lisa accidentally paid me $10/hr for last week and this week. Haha, oops? But I offered to give the $53 back.
  • 12:07 There is a river of tan dirt from the riding ring snaking through the driveway to my car... Grin. And Ed is off to get electrocuted.
  • 12:09 Oh, and Deb now has a job here. So far we haven't heard about her boyfriend, so either he died or she learned how to hush.
  • 12:15 Lisa just made me jump when she came and touched my shoulder to tell me not to worry about the money, and said, "See how hard she concentrates!"
  • 12:15 I wasn't thinking about imaginary hippos in the riding river or anything...
  • 12:27 Epic chiros using crayons on superbills when they can't find a pen? Haha, super cute.
  • 12:31 We just discussed the techniques of kissing after wondering what "necking" was. Bloodhound or fish? Don't kiss a hybrid. Just geh.
  • 12:33 The moral of the story: "Do not ride or neck a giraffe."
  • 12:43 Kit: "I kiss poles hardcore." Sharon: [Walks in and gives VERY strange look.] Kit & Kiwi: [Crack up.]
  • 14:43 I play with my bangs too much.
  • 14:59 Finished right on time. I love how I'm reminded to send in my tracking as if I have ever once forgotten.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

Doing Things

Alright. I'm trying to do things!

- Put my hair up like I wore it as a freshman before I cut my hair. Odangoes! I even put in bowed shoelaces. I love it!
- Responded to all emails--meaning facebook, livejournal comments, etc.
- Wrote up an email to Professor Crowley to check up on her. I love that woman. Hope she gets it!
- Looked up lyrics.
- Finished Chapter 26 of Providential Horn.
- Emailed Joan.
- Emailed Cathy.

I'll keep editing this post, I think. I'll set it a day ahead?

Another Day - RENT
Rainbow || Rainbow northern lights.

The Email

I understand now. I understand the feeling of having everything to say to a person, and not knowing how. Having a universe of thoughts to share and no way to get them down.

Thus far I have "Hello Mrs. Cavanagh,"

And instead of forming words, I have only witnessed my stomach turn in knots.

This is hard. Too hard. Why am I doing this? Because I can't not do it.

I finished. I don't know how I can simultaneously want to die and dance. I'm torn in half.

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